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Presence. A state or fact that is highly overlooked. Something that means a lot more to me that what many people know.

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A guy in my class collects people's crushes. Weird, but yes. How does he tell if someone has a crush on another person? He observes who that person looks at the most. That's how he tells.

What if I can't turn my head a 180 degrees just to look at that person every 15 minutes? She sits behind me in Homeroom, in English, in Mathematics, in History. Basically every class except for Mother-Tongue.

Her presence is enough for me to sense that she's there. Her presence is enough. To look at someone does not mean you like or love them and nor does to not look at someone mean otherwise.

I love her deeply and nothing, not even my body language, will do anything to change that. Her presence is all I want. Her presence is all I need. She is more than what I could ever ask for.

Presence is something that I believe is highly overlooked. Which is one of the reasons why it means a lot more to me than what people know.

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