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Eleonora is an ego-sword that one day was abandoned by her candidate. Confident, she thought that not many days would pass until she would get a new owner, but to her surprise more than 3000 years passed. In her absence, too many things in the world changed. Most of the things she knows, work differently and magic, along with technology, are moving across the continent as the 3 great kingdoms compete. How will the sword adapt to this strange time never seen before?

Fantaisie Épique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Prologue - Goals that seem unattainable!



“Are you upset?”

A stupid question coming from my current candidate. I already knew he was bad at reading the environment, as I've seen him go through many, many embarrassing situations with his peers, but this?

That's the last straw.

“No, in fact, in all the time we were together… I didn't mind at all that you threw me with every creature we fought, you know, I'm a sword, s-wo-rd!, though thanks to you… I saw other possibilities. I'll leave it at that, po-ssi-bili-ti-es”.

“Really? I'm glad to hear that”.

His smile reflected the relief he felt at hearing my words.

Too bad he still doesn't understand my sarcasm until now, but it doesn't matter anyway.



“Do you have another weapon… besides me?”

A slight laugh escaped from the boy's mouth.

“W-What are you laughing about?”

“Nothing, nothing. It's just that, you know, I told you that as long as I was with you, I would only use you”.

“Aha, but if you leave me in this forest… Won't you be in danger?”

Try to sound as unsentimental as possible. I've had several candidates, but this one… was quite kind… and strange. Mostly strange.

Besides, I'm sure he'll miss me, so he'll probably come running to me when he realizes that living in this world without a good gun is suicide.

I just have to watch my words prudently, and in a few days, he will be back here begging me to do the contract again.

A thousand and one different scenarios were created in my mind, until a dry and direct answer was given to me.

“I'm pretty confident in my athletic abilities to escape”.

“Fuck you” I thought to myself as all my illusions were shattered.

I never expected anything from this idiot, and yet he still manages to disappoint me.

“You are incredible”

“Did you say something, Eleonora?”

“No! Nothing!”

On the outside he may appear to be unfeeling, uncouth, a bit ugly, doesn't take hints, but in reality this candidate is an excellent person.



“Are you sure you'll be all right?”

“Yes, sure”.

“You have no regrets?”

“In fact, yes, of several things”.

My curiosity piqued, I couldn't help but ask.

“Speak up!”

Leonar stopped his walk and started to think.

“The time we couldn't save the boss… When the goblins annihilated that village where they produced that delicious bread… There are various things, do you want me to say everything?”


Seeing that we were going to be talking for quite a while, Leonar jumped numerous meters up and sat on a tree branch.

It was there that he began to recount many of his regrets he had over the years we were together.

There were too many of them.

So many that for a moment, I was going to ask him to please stop, but I wanted to hear it. Among all those regrets I wanted him to say it, him without me.....

“And finally… eventually, everyone uses the sacred swords as they please. I should have taken them all”.

It took me several seconds to react.

“All of them, huh, what-what, do you mean, take them all?”

“You have to be sealed. They are too powerful, and power… corrupts”.

A great confusion began to build up inside me.

“What about me, hello!!!, didn't you say that was the only thing you would use, what do you want my sisters for!!!!? Besides… You don't regret wanting to leave me after all!!!?”

“Well, I think we've talked too much”.

Lifting himself up and making a strange maneuver where he finally managed to land safely on the ground. Leonar began to walk deeper into the forest.

“You know? Okay! Occasionally, you are… or look, an enemy”.

A wolf appeared in front of us and without hesitation, Leonar threw me. A precise, powerful throw that was able to pierce the creature that stood in our way.

Picking me up as if nothing had happened, he continued his journey.

“I hope you do well in whatever it is you want to do! Just… Don't even think about looking for me! Maybe by the time you come back here someone will have already taken me, and I'll have a new candidate, so… Don't think this thing you're doing can be taken back!”

My frustration was obvious, but, even so, Leonar kept his cool. He killed every creature that got in his way using me and the moment came.


“What? What do you want?”

There was a long silence between us, until after several minutes, Leonar, somewhat nervously, commented:

“The contract, I need you to break the contract”.

Very rarely have I had the opportunity to see that kind of reaction on his face.


Laughing, I couldn't help but joke with him one last time.

“I knew you couldn't do anything without me!”



No matter how many years go by, it's always the same.

Absolutely nothing happens.

“How many centuries must have passed already?” I asked myself in an attempt to kill time.

At first, when I was left abandoned in this forest, I thought it would only be for a few months, but as the years began to pass…

I spend the winter.

Spring is here.

The noisy summer storms passed, the leaves on the trees withered by autumn, the clouds were changing shape because of the density of the mana that was accumulating increasingly in this forest.

Time went on and on, but I…

It was still here.

In the same place; pinned to the ground helplessly.

To spend my years in solitude in a better way: I watched small animals, such as pigs or chickens, fleeing from large monsters. Fights between species. Discussions between forest spirits. Each one of them was doing something, which reminded me of…

I was unable to do absolutely nothing on my own. Without a sword user, ego swords are totally useless.

“Ha…” I sighed bitterly. “If I had known things would end up like this… I wouldn't have broken that contract”.

Everyone makes mistakes, I know that. It's pretty clear to me from all the times I watched my candidates, who were brimming with confidence, die before being killed in the stupidest ways possible.

Poisoning, betrayal, underestimating an enemy too much, explaining them in detail your plan in the middle of a battle… Seriously, I have seen numerous things, but….

“Unbelievable” I whispered under my breath as I tried to remember the face of the last candidate. “What category would you fall into?”

I would not call it betrayal. Since he, at the time, talked it over with me. At first, I took it as a joke, I was brimming with quite a bit of self-confidence, and I thought he would come back or that someone would soon take me when they found me here, though….

“Who would have thought that I would spend an eternity here? Ha… Ha, ha, ha, ha…”

In the intervening centuries, the forest has undergone slight changes over time. The appearance of those brown trees changed to a jet black color; their leaves, which were once green, changed to a deep purple that glowed bright enough to illuminate the entire forest at night.

Over time, the same thing happened to the surrounding ground. From having a dark color, it became a white, very similar to that of the moon.

Maybe that's why some animals left the forest for this reason. On the contrary, the monsters stayed to make their lairs somewhat close to the place where I am stuck.

I have to admit that it's fun to remember all these changes….

To a certain extent.

For what started out as a mere distraction to avoid thinking about why a candidate hadn't passed by all this time was beginning to bother me.

Too much.

First, is such a thing possible?

I mean. In the first 100 years, I see it understandable, but….

1894 years.

From 1894 years I lost count, so how is it possible that in more than 18 centuries not a single candidate has passed where I am!

Not one! That's…

“Impossible” I said quietly as I bit my lip in anger.

Clenching my fist tightly, I tried to relax.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…”

A single thought came to mind.

“I should never have broken that contract”.

This whole joke started because of that. How long did humans live on average?

500 years? 900? No… those were the dwarves.

Inhale and exhale quite calmly.

”I will have my revenge. I don't care that he is 40 thousand meters buried underground when I get out of here I will find him and I swear I will teach him what it is to play with the patience of a young and beautiful master sword".

I just have to wait…

“Yes. I just have to wait for a new candidate. I won't make the same mistake twice”.

My will was again strengthened like steel, unshakable and filled with great determination.

I just had to keep waiting while I continue to strengthen my skills, I mean, eventually, someone will pass by here, and I…

I will use it.

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