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Emma wants sugar. She craves sugar. She lives for it. But nothing seems to be sweet enough to cure this craving. She needs to find the drink that will take her taste for sugar away. But what will it take to find her sweetest drink?

Thriller/Mystère Tout public.

#unhappy #deadly #curiosity #sweet #crave
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Growing up, my mother would not let me drink anything apart from water and milk. I would eat and drink a full glass of warm milk right after dinner.

I wouldn't say I liked milk. It wasn't sweet to me. It had to be tasted. My sister Annie loves milk. Whenever she starts to cry, my mom gives her milk, and she calms her. I've always assumed it was because of how warm it comforted her.

I get my sweetness from the fruit. I like very ripe mangoes, bananas, and peaches. I like them, but you must wolf them down before they rot. If you haven't guessed yet, I love sweet things. But my mother, a dentist, refused to let me eat sweets. So the most I could take was fruit.

I attended school, though, right? So there were some candies there for me? No! My mother had made sure to let the teachers know that I wasn't supposed to consume what they were eating.

I tried making a trade, but who would choose a piece of fruit over a chocolate bar? I had a lot of pals when we were playing, but not during break time.

But everything changed. My Aunt Beatrice changed everything and helped shape who I am today.

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