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High school to UNIVERSITY

It was just a few weeks before the semester in high school pineridge every learner was exited expecially the teacher and I do get if after the drama that happened Lucas fighting with Micheal at the cafeteria the plastic girls being beaten at their own game and pranks at the school (like: printing the principals picturs and adding a mustache, horns ect) and the funniest part was when Angela pulled the bra prank on amaira :) I kept on wondering what will happen at the end of the semester. What's gonna happen with the dance crew, rugby boys, cheerleaders©, ——the math squad, the beasties club, the depressed and more other groups I thought mostly about university because sometimes we can both apply for the same thing at the same place but only one can go at most times and what about that new scoller ship we all were planning to go for of course the so called nerds got it but I never saw them as nerds they were much friendlier than they seemed but everyone has their own ambition and jealousy. So I think university is going to fix then because there you need to focus and keep your head up and not down be a free thinker and not be ashamed because no one is going to be pity for you exapt your best friends or friends plus for the others they never care about anyone else but themselves :(what really shocked me is that at the metric dance Andrew and Avangeline became Mr & Mrs of the year while most of us didn't even notice when we were young we thought monet came from trees but it wasn't and that's when the players(in dating) of the school realized without life there's no change and with no change there's no success

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