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A love between two individuals that perhaps cannot get recognition by society. Such a love that breaks conjugal tie-up , destroys friendship and trust. But love is blind knows no bounds! A person finds his/ her better-half has fall in love with some one he /she loses confidence ,thinks useless item , ....and either gets depressed or takes wrong path that leads to where?Please go through my story and see the outcome .Who possesses love, possesses the world.Love is precious ,love is everything.

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Chapter 01

First time Ananda was moving to a hilly town of northern Jharkhand.Hazaribag is an age-old historic city. Beautiful land scape with a patch of wood around the temple like Canary Hill. It always attracts visiters by it's charming natural gallary.

Ananda had heard a lot about Hazaribag. And for that he became very excited when got an invitation from Malay a childhood friend of him. Malay was working as an executive engineer and was married after several years of service. He couldn't invite Ananda in his marriage ceremoney. So he asked him this time to spend the christmas holiday together. Smita the wife of Malay was also happy at this proposal.

One evening the newly married couples sat together at the laun and enjoy the Smoked tea .Suddenly a phone call.Smita Gets up and picks up the phone. "Hello. Stranger from the other side spoke politely. Is it Malay's number? 'Actually I,'m Ananda, a stranger to you, but a friend of Malay !'

"I know.The name is already mentioned by your friend. And I'm his better -half,Smita.He's too here,giving him the phone , be on the line."

After a few seconds Smita gave the phone to her husband and said ," It's Ananda Babu".

Hello! How are you?" Shala! After so long, you remember me?Well!How are you? Fine!" he chuckled,.

After a pause Malay asked,Hey, are you coming? Then such preparations should be made.Let's go, there is no problem. What do you understand?

Malay said," Well let's me think. What can I do ,.I'm going that is hundred percent sure" .

"How is your friend? Or an unromantic fellow he's just like you.Twenty-five-year-old Iburo without humor!Ha ha!"Smita chirped.Malay says, "Oh no no he's just opposite of me. Heavy funny! I'm afraid you won't fall in love with him at first sight." Saying this he started laughing loudly.

And---Where does Smita go less? She also retorts. Says, "If the quality of the goods is good, the choice can change.Where is the problem? It's quite simple my love!She laughs and added. But be pretty sure I am not getting off your shoulder right now!"

Malaya holds her hand and gives a kiss. Her eyes filled up with tears. "May that day never come in our lives".For a moment both of them remained silent Malaya hugged her tightly. Caressing the forehead repeatedly. Later S Anand did not hang up the phone after seeing Smita.He overheard all their private secrets.Shit. Both die of shame They cut their tounge .

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