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A Nigerian story of a little boy who was found In a forest and was help by a man called Ben

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Chapter One

Ben was outside in a small town in Nigeria, the town was a rural area, which was not very civilized,

He was inside a large forest, trying to harvest some crops he planted,

"What was that, Ben" said Kenny when he saw a little creature walking toward them,

"Why scared, it just a little monkey" said Ben, as he continue to harvest the plants, Kenny eyes was not off the creature standing far away in the forest, the creature started moving closer to them,

Kenny stood up and stopped what he was doing, "I don't think I can continue this work today, the monster is near us" said Kenny as he started to shivers,

Ben stood also, he look delighted to the little creature coming to them,

"Coward man, this is just a little boy" said Kenny

The little creature moved more near to them and they realized he is really a little boy with rag on his body, he has a scar all over his hands, legs, head and some other part of his body,

He was walking toward them like a zombie,

"Hope he is normal, I think this boy is a zombie" said Kenny, the little boy cloth was soaked with blood,

"This is a helpless boy, I think we need to help him" said Ben.

"I will never be help a monster into this town to consume this town," said Kenny, he ran out of the forest, leaving Ben and the poor boy,

Ben was somehow scared of the appearance of the boy,

"What's your name?" Ben asked the little boy, but the poor boy was not able to give a reply, he was only looking innocent, Ben pitied him " He may be hungry" Ben thought and he asked the little boy whether he is hungry or not but still the little boy was not able to say anything,

Ben took the boy in his hand out of the forest, and still asking him some questions like 'where are you coming from?', 'who is your father?' but the boy never give a reply, that make Ben started to suspect something about the boy

Immediately when Ben stepped out of the forest, he met Kenny coming toward him with two king massagers,

"Mr. Ben, the King want you in the palace, you and the little monster" said one of the King massagers,

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