Jael Payton

Lilly hated how her boyfriend Jacob was always being so secretive. Will she find out all his secrets in just two months will he not be interested in Lilly anymore?

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The Introduction

Jacob was just sitting down watching TV then he heard a loud banging on the door." open up it's the police!" the police yelled, Jacob, sprinted to get his key then got his phone went into his car and drove to Lilly's house.

"Hey, Lilly, I'm going to your house just be sure to right away open the door," Jacob said"okay I'll come and open up the door, "Lilly said, Lilly opened the door and saw Jacob rushing toward her he slammed into the kitchen counter.

Lilly looked so surprised "babe you gotta get me out of here there looking for me," Jacob said "from who this all doesn't make sense, " Lilly said "oh uh my little sister she got into my clothes and she has been chasing me for about an hour"Jacob lied " your little sister okay I can obviously see that your lying," Lilly said Jacob looked so worried so he just makes up another lie.

"No, I'm not lying why would you even think that, " Jacob said "sorry yeah why would I even think that, " Lilly said, Jacob looked saved Lilly was getting a snack while Jacob was hiding from the police " hey babe I saw this funny thing on AFV and they were doing juggling with there nose," Lilly said " that's cool," Jacob said while still watching TV.

"It's the police you better open up!" the police yelled " coming," Lilly said " no," Jacob said Lilly ignored Jacob and opened the door " good afternoon Mrs. Robinson do you have a boy named Jacob here," the police said while holding a weapon " um... yes there is a boy named Jacob here why, " Lilly said " oh um... he needs to come with us, " the police said " okay let me go get him," Lilly said, Lilly climbed up her two flights of stairs and saw Jacob laying down and scrolling through his phone " could you look up the fricken police are here," Lilly said " wait the police is here oh crap I'm in trouble," Jacob said .

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