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Dawn's life is new with being pregnant, cold forest coming up, and a food shortage she already has enough to worry about. But when a straggly stray comes along Dawn's life get's harder not to mention more strays coming at her as foes and allies. Dawn is slowly feeling urged to quit being wild, go to be a stray, and even going back to being a collared. Will Dawn be able to take all the pressure of these friendly and aggressive strays or will she crack and try to become a collared?

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One year later

She dashed through the high grass following the rabbit's loud footsteps. She was panting greatly but didn't stop after the gray rabbit. It fled for its hole, but she jumped on top of it cracking its spine and making it lifeless.

Dawn shook her floppy ears and licked her upper lip. "Too easy," she yipped grabbing the rabbit gracefully. She cantered over to her mate, Bones, a big black and tan german shepherd. He turned his head over to his mate and whined his greeting. "Hey!" He barked nuzzling against Dawn, she smiled and dropped the rabbit. Bone's ear twitched, "I told you to stop hunting," he scolded. Dawn looked down embarrassed, "sorry, but I don't want to be unhelpful," she growled defensively. Bones anger faded, "I know but you have them," he said nosing her stomach. Dawn smiled, "I know," she murmured.

Dawn's stomach had grown bigger because of the puppies it held.

"Well, at least we have food," she yipped laying down carefully. Bones snorted, "I guess so." He sat down and curled up next to Dawn who'd set her head on her paws.

Yes! Life is perfect! And soon it'll be even more perfect when I have you puppies! I miss her...a lot, but that's not going to stop me! I love this and nothing is going to change...ever!

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