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A short story based on the songs "August" and "Betty" from Taylor Swift's "Folklore" album.

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Chapter 01

I met Jason when I was seven years old.

He was everything I had dreamed of.

He was everything I wanted.

He was the magic that I was hoping for.

And I still remember the euphoric feeling I felt when I met him that day.

I still remember how excited I was about the future to come.

Because for the first time until that moment, I would have a best friend.


My parents told me about Jason a month before he moved in next door.

They told me that a little boy would live in the house next door.

They told me that this little boy was sad because he didn't want to move from his town. That little boy was sad because he wouldn’t have any friends. He was sad because he wouldn't know anyone.

That little boy's situation made me sad.

Thereby, when my parents asked me to try to be his friend, I said yes.

Because the only thing I wanted — just like that little boy — was not needed to play alone ever again.

That night, when I was ready to sleep, I promised myself that I would do my best to have a friendship with that boy. Because somewhere inside my heart, I knew that we could be wonderful together.


I was a lonely child.

The street where I lived with my parents had no children around my age. In that way, I just played with other kids in my school or when my parents had free time to take me to the children's houses.

I got used to playing alone at home, but I still remember how sad it made me. Because that only thing I wanted as a child was to have someone to play with me. A true friend

Thus, the day my parents told me that a new family would live next door, it felt like my lucky star finally heard me. And for the first time I would have someone to be my real friend. I was radiant. I was so happy.


I met Jason in August.

My school was in the summer break and the air felt infinite.

Jason's family had already moved in for a week when he finally showed up at my door.

I remember that when I finally opened the door, I almost exploded with happiness.

He was shy, and I could tell he almost ran away when he saw me.

My heart sank.

I stopped breathing, afraid to scare him.

I remember telling myself that I should be careful because he could be my future best friend.

I opened a big smile before saying, “Hi.”

As soon as I said that, it felt like he was electrocuted by an invisible force.

He straightened his posture, and recited like a mini robot, “Hi, I’m Jason Hill, your neighbor next door. I moved just a week ago. And I was wondering if you would like to play with me?”

He was adorable, but it felt like he was reciting a line from a play that he barely memorized.

That made me smile more. Besides that, he was obviously nervous and could not keep his hands still.

That specific moment always made me curious, thus some years later, Jason and I talked about this day, he told me that he and his mother practiced for a considerable time, what he would say on that first visit to my home. He said he didn't want to mess up because he really wanted someone to play with.

“I have a swing in the backyard and my grandma baked cookies,” I said before he ran away.

As soon as I said that, he opened the biggest smile I ever saw.

“I like cookies,” he said, still smiling.

“So let's go in, “I said, letting him into my house. “By the way, I’m Summer.”


Jason stayed at my house all afternoon. And honestly, I did not remember what we made all afternoon, but at the end of that day, Jason and I were best friends.


That summer with the Hill family was amazing.

After that first day with Jason, we became inseparable.

It is funny to think that just a day can change your whole life.

I remember our first Friday night.

That night was one of my favorite childhood memories

We decided that day that we would watch as many horror movies as possible before my parents found out and sent us to sleep.

We made a tent with sheets, stocked chocolate in our pockets, used flashlights to light the room, and watched the horror movie on an old television my family owned.

I remember that I almost could not control my animation to finally watch a real horror movie. And when the horror finally started, I almost gave up on that idea and went back to movies appropriate for my age group. But Jason did not let me give up — although I nearly died of fright more times than I remember.

At the end of the night, after more chocolate than I could count, we watched just a horror movie. And because we were scared even of our shadow, we watched an animated film before going to sleep.

And when I was almost asleep, I heard a whisper from the sleeping bag beside me, “Goodnight Summie.”


On Saturday morning, after breakfast, our doorbell rang.

We were watching a cartoon in the living room. And as soon as my mother opened the door and Jason listened, the voice of the person in the door, he got up from the sofa and ran to the door with a smile on his face.

“Let's go, Summie,” he said while running.

And when I arrived in the entrance hall, I saw him for the first time.

Aaron Hill. Jason’s brother.

“Hello, strange,” he said with a smile to Jason. “I hope you haven't given Mrs. Moore trouble.”

“Nope. I was a perfect guest, thank you very much,” Jason said confidently.

“Okay, Sir,” Aaron said, still smiling. And after a moment turned to my mother, “Thank you so much, Mrs Moore, for letting Jason spend the night at your house playing with Summer.”

“No problems Aaron. Summer loved spending more time with Jason. Wasn't it Summer?” My mother said, looking at me.

I waved at that unknown boy as I hid behind my mother.

“I think I forgot to introduce myself to you, didn't I?” he asked, making a face. “Okay, I’m Aaron Hill, at your service, my lady,” he said, bowing lightly. “And you miss? What is your name?”

I remember slowly stepping out from behind my mother, and I tried to look like a real lady.

“Summer,” I said, and after a moment I heard my mother clear her throat, “Moore. I’m Summer Moore,” I fixed, even though I knew he already knew my name. “It's nice to meet you, Mr, Hill,” I said, bowing just like Aaron.

At the end of our little theater, I went back to my mother with a smile on my face, totally satisfied with my courtesy.

Aaron smiled at me. A smile similar to the one he gave Jason.

“Okay, go get your stuff Jason, dad has finished putting his trampoline together,” Aaron said.

“Trampoline?” My mother asked.

“Yeah, my mom promised that the new house would have a trampoline. So Jason was looking forward to it, honestly he was a little crazy about it,” Aaron said trying to contain his laughter.

After only a few minutes after he had gone upstairs, Jason had resurfaced, ready to leave.

“Come on Summie, we have to see my trampoline,” Jason said impatiently.

“Can I go, mother?” I asked with wide eyes.

My mother turned to Aaron and raised an eyebrow.

“Well, I think it's okay. But we can ask my mom,” Aaron said slowly.


I will always remember that day with the Hills.

We stayed all morning on the trampoline.

Our families had lunch together — I think that day was when our parents started to be friends.

In the afternoon, Jason and I played video games with Aaron — I lost more than I gained, but the fun with them was worth the humiliation of defeat.

And when we started to get hungry, Aaron baked cookies for us.

Moreover, at the end of the day we watch the sunset lying on the trampoline.

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