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Smells Like Teen Spirit

Dexter Sazuke

February, 5, 2016

Evansville, Indiana


Dexter's Room

  We all have dirty little secrets, like it or not. We all have things that we don't want those closest to us to know. Hell, sometimes we even wish that we, ourselves, didn't know. But it can't be helped. However, secrets don't always stay hidden. It's like my friend always said. You never really know someone until you find out something that they don't want you to know. That's what happened. February 5, 2016, was the day that it all began. The day that led to my secret getting out. The day that I thought my life was over. But little did I know, it as just the beginning of my life.

  I woke up in my bed, tearing the blanket from my stiff, cold body. It was a cold winter morning. The scent of love was in the air, even though Valentine's day had not come yet, when I peered out the window, I saw couples walking past, holding hands, kissing. Which reminded me that I'm a sixteen year old boy with hormones. So, I decided to do what every lonely sixteen year old boy without a girlfriend would do, so I got on my desktop computer and searched up 'Big tiddy anime lolli traps tied up'. I pulled down my pants, grabbed the lotion, and got to work. I had my computer volume rather loud, so practically anyone in the house could hear "Oni-Chan! T-That's the wrong hole!", clearly. However, nobody was gonna say anything to me about it.

  I never really knew my parents. They Apparently died, a long time ago. Before I can remember.  I eventually ended up being took in by, who is now my legal guardian. Her name was Ichigo. Came from Japan. She saved my ass, and since then, we were friends. She, sadly, was nineteen at the time, so I couldn't really do anything with her that a sixteen year old my age would like to do. That being said, it isn't illegal if nobody knows about it.

  I began breathing a bit harder, not very hard, but slightly harder than usual, as the lotion made socially unacceptable noises.

  "Dexter!", said an overly cute female voice, knocking on my door. Even if you didn't know her, you could tell that she wasn't born in america, because her English wasn't the best. When she spoke too fast she sounded like one of those "GIVE ME FIVE DOLLA ROVE YOU RONG TIME!" kind of bitches.

  "I've made you breakfast! Come eat once you're done being a pervert!"

  I replied with an overly exaggerated orgasm that sounded like "OH FUCK!", then a weird moan at the end that sounded sort of like one of OGMudbone's videos.

  Now, most females would have maced me and accused me of rape for some shit like that, because they're offended so easily. Like this one time that I accidentally bumped into some girl at my highscool, and she blew her rape whistle. I ended up getting tazed. But the point is that Ichigo was different. She didn't hate me for being a perv, which was one of the things I liked most about her. One of the reasons I respected her. One of the main reasons, anyway. Well, It was more because she respected people as they were. She never judged my friends because they act like fucking retards. She never scolded me when she saw my browser history. She forgave me for being an asshole all the time.

📷 My Browser History

  I knew that I had to hurry with my ejaculation, because I knew Ichigo well at that point in my life, and I knew that she wouldn't eat without me. However, I couldn't just not nut. So, I turned it up to max volume and began stroking my cock faster until I ejaculated. It was like a fucking slug round in a shotgun. That shit flew out like a bullet. I cleaned the mess up with a sock and threw it on the ground. I threw some shitty clothes on and then forgot about my jizz sock and put it on. I cringed but didn't care enough to take it off and replace it. I picked another sock off of the ground and tried to put it on, but it snapped in half like glass. As did the next. And the next. And the next. You get it.

  Every since the first day I saw that smile of hers, not only did I get a raging erection from thinking about her giving me a blowjob, but I also thought that that was the kind of smile that could cheer anyone up. It sure cheered me up back then. Her long, black, shiny hair was tied back into a ponytail. Her skin was very pale, but I thought that it was cute how pail she was. Another thing that I noted was that I could see some of her D sized cleavage through her white tank top. And I could tell that she wasn't wearing a bra. But I was more focused on her face. Her smile was so beautiful that I didn't want to look at her tits. Which isn't commonplace for a teenager to say.

     In case it wasn't obvious, she was a lot like a mother to me. A bangable mother, but a mother nonetheless. She cooked for me, cleaned up, and she stayed home wand waited for me, while I was out getting in trouble. She doesn't work, but I take care of our income. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And no, I'm not a child trafficker.

  I returned a smile that I knew was nowhere near as pleasing and I sat down, and looked at my plate.

  "You know you could have eaten without me."

  She let out a cute giggle and returned with a "I couldn't eat without you."

  "You're way to sweet for your own good."

  She replied with another giggle.

  On the white plate before me was what appeared to be a juicy omelet, which happened to be my favorite food. It just reminded me of how well she knew me. I sliced a small piece off with my fork and threw it into my mouth.

  "Does it taste okay?", she asked me.

  I looked at her plate and noticed that she hadn't taken a bite yet. Waiting for me. As usual.

  "It's great. Same as usual."

  She smiled again and took a bite of hers.

  We both ate silently for a few minutes before Ichigo spoke.

  "Have you heard that there hasn't been an augment attack in a month?"

  "That's good. Less people's lives ruined."

I finished my food relatively quickly compared to who, who only ate in small bites. Then there's me, who could eat a burger in three bites. I'm not talking about a tiny lil Mcdouble. I'm talking giant ass Hardy's mushroom burger. I suck that shit down like the little girls in Josh's basement suck his dick.

You'll understand that joke soon enough.

Once I finished, I simply waited for Ichigo to finish her meal. Because I'm nice like that. Not really. But Ichigo was one of the few exceptions. She took notice that I was waiting.

  "You can go ahead if you want."

  "I couldn't finish without you.", I replied. 

  She blushed but continued eating until she finished.

  "I'll clean up. You go get ready for school."

  I did as I was asked, and began getting ready. And by that I mean I spent fifteen minutes dancing naked in the bathroom while singing into my hairbrush along with a song that was playing on the radio that we keep in the bathroom.

  "Load up our guns, and bring your friends.."

  Still dancing and singing I brushed my hair out and observed myself in the mirror to make sure everything was right. My long black hair was straight and untangled from the roots to the ends of my hair, which covered my ears and reached my neck. I forced my eyelids open to make sure that my contacts were correctly covering my crystal blue eyes. After I brushed my teeth, I made my way out of the bathroom, and headed towards the door outside. To my surprise, Ichigo was waiting for me. She held my hoodie, folded over her arm, and greeted me with another smile when she saw me She handed my my hoodie, and gave me a hug. I returned one by wrapping my arms around her, but due to my short size, my face was engulfed by her D sized tits.

  "Please don't get shot today.", she said as I pulled away and headed out the door. 

  "I promise nothing!", I yelled as I left.

  I still remember that day like it was yesterday, since it was the day that my secret became known to many. Although I wouldn't change the outcome for anything. My temporary misery kickstarted something amazing. Not only did it make me and my friends heroes, but we found the loves of our lives and we all achieved our dreams. But every story has a slow part. So that needs to be dealt with.

 Me and my friends weren't old enough to drive. Well, I was, but not only did I not have my license, but me and Ichigo couldn't afford a vehicle. We weren't exactly swimming in money. But we didn't really need one. We lived close-ish to any stores we need, and I walked to school. As did my friends. Because the bus drivers couldn't drive for shit. So we decided to start meeting up and walking to school. All four of us. Me, Josh, Mason, and Rylan.

  Josh was a big guy. He was super fat at the time. Hit tits were bigger than a lot of girls's tits were, which shouldn't be a thing. He had dirty blond hair short on all sides but the top, which he combed to one side to form a hairstyle known as the 'hard part'. He thought it looked good, but it really just made him look like a pedophile. Which was also not wrong, seeing as he was a lolicon. In case the meaning isn't as widespread as I thought, I'll explain. Lolis are girls that are "petite", as Josh puts it, but most people agree that lolis are just girls that look like children. Or ARE children. Get my joke now? So pretty much he likes children that aren't children. He's also the biggest perv I've ever known. But he's such a big perv that he respects women? That make sense? He was always wearing this black collared jacket, along with a blue scarf that made him look gay. In the cold weather he did, at least. He had cerulean eyes just like mine, and wore glasses. His face was slightly chubby, not as chubby as one would think, and he had a slightly large nose that was usually red, thus the nickname of Rudolph the Rapist Reindeer. He's also sort of the charismatic one in the group. The one that keeps everyone's spirits lifted, so to speak. The one who isn't afraid to talk to strangers, and is always super friendly. The one who goes out of his way to be funny, and often tries to hard and just makes himself look retarded. The kind to try his best and use big words to seem smart. That's him.

  Then there's Mason. Mason is pretty cool. The smartest one in the group for sure. But also the most quiet one. Rarely talks to anybody. Hell, we never would have met him if it was't for the fact that Josh accidentally jacked him off. But it wasn't gay because Josh said no homo before, during, and after. But along with being insanely smart, there must come some downsides. How I could put this lightly, I don't know. But I'll say it. He's a freak. He does some weird shit. Borderline insane. He has short dirty blond hair that looks and feels sort of like the fuzz that grows on baby ducks. He also had green, soulless eyes that showed no remorse for anything. Oh, he's also a lolicon as well. But not as creepy of one as Josh. 

  Then there's Rylan. The female of the group. Okay, he isn't actually a female, but he might as well be. He's the weakest, skinniest, and most feminine, so if the world every ended and we had to repopulate, we'd fuck him. Not really. That's disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking about that. Rylan is truly one of a kind. Nobody else in the world resembles Chum Bucket from the Mad Max Video Game quite like him. Nor does anyone have an unhealthy obsession with Ben 10, Goldfish crackers, and Splatoon quite like him. Rylan, at the time, had a gross haircut which we call the 'Lesbian Haircut', which meant that all of the hair on the left side of his head was shaved off, just like the back of his head, but the left side of his hair remained long. It's a really gay haircut.

  I wasn't far from them. And before I knew it, I noticed the familiar trio that I knew all too well waiting for me at the end of a nearby neighborhood road that led to a busy street.

  "What's up, guys?", I chirped, waving. They all responded at the same time with what I assumed to be a stupid joke or remark, but I didn't understand them because they all said it at once.

  "Can we hurry up and get to school?", Josh asked, huffing impatiently.

  "Why the fuck are you so eager to get to school?" Mason asked.

  "No reason!", Josh replied. "I-I just don't want anyone taking our table."

  "Everyone thinks we're freaks, dude.", Rylan squeaked, his voice cracking, like every word. 

  "Yea.", I continued for Rylan. "Nobody will be taking our seat."

  "Especially because of Cunter..", Mason cringed.

  "Wait!", Rylan shrieked with a sense of realization. "You want to get there so you can creep on that girl, right?!"

  "Oh yea!", I laughed, pointing my finger at him. "You've been checking her out for about a week, huh?"

  "Stop talking!"

  Rylan and I were hysteric. 

  "Bro!", Rylan squawked. "She looks like she's six!"
      "THAT'S FORBIDDEN!", Josh yelled.

  "Real life loli, huh?", I said, gasping for air.

  "Hey, fuck you guys!", Mason barked. "Lolis are great!"

  "Relax. I'm just kidding.", I assured them, wiping a tear from my eye. "So, you talked to her yet?"

  I began walking towards the school, and the rest followed.

  Josh was silent for a moment. "Well.. No. I've just kind of been... Admiring her."

  "Pervert.", Rylan snickered. 

  "You've gotta talk to her, dude.", Mason commented. "Or you can just buy some chloroform.. whatever floats your boat, you know."

  "I'm not gonna kidnap her!"

  "Well, do you know anything about her?", Rylan asked, picking his nose and eating it.

  "Not much. But it doesn't seem like she talks to anyone. And she always looks so sad.."

  "Anything else?" I asked.

  "Well.. From what I've seen, other students don't treat her particularly well."

  "Tell ya what..", I said walking in front of him, then turning around and changing to a backwards pace. "Talk to her some time this week, and I'll have Ichigo make some of that chicken and cabbage you love so much, and I'll invite you over. Rylan and mason too."

  "Fine, but we're gonna make Rylan watch Boku no Pico with us."


  "Wait, I never agreed to that!"

  "Oops! We're at school! Better get inside!", Josh bellowed, taking off inside the school that I hadn't noticed us coming upon yet.

  I did the same, nonetheless.

  We made it inside of the bustling school and began made our way to our table. Our friend Trevor was already there.

  This table of ours was known as the 'Freakshow'. Original, right? Mostly because everyone who sat there were.. unique to say the least. I mean, the ones I've already mentioned are some oddballs, right? Rylan, probably the most feminine guy ever, Josh, the borderline pedophile, Mason, the mad genius, then me. But, I didn't see why I was said to be a freak. I thought maybe it was because I hung out with them? I never really cared what anyone thought though.

  Trevor, the one who was already at the table, was a friend of hours. However, we all called him Harry, because he looked exactly like the homosexual wizard from that movie that all the LGBT people like. But that wasn't why he was with the Freakshow. It was because he was sexually attracted to bees and vehicles, mostly tanks.

  "What's up faggots?", he said, looking up from the World of Tanks video on his phone.

  "You're the gay one. You like tank barrels in your asshole.", Josh replied. I nodded.

  "Shut up, faggot.", Trevor said.

  We heard Mason speak from behind us. "There's no point. You can't get through to Geyboi Harry." They had finally caught up.

  At that moment, we heard an earpiercing, autistic screech echo through the commons. The whole school got quiet.

  "Oh fuck! It's Cunter!", Mason yelled. "I'm getting out of here!"

  Every time Cunter walked into the school and screamed like that, that meant that he was horny, and that he was gonna rape one of us. It was usually Mason. As for why the teachers never intervened? They didn't want to get involved. I didn't blame them.

  All of the other students began to resume their conversations, as Cunter began speed walking over to us.

  Josh wasn't paying attention though. He was busy gawking.

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