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━━━━ *̩̩̥͙ ˚̩̥̩̥ *̩̩͙⁀➷。 FASTLY UNLOCKING HER COFFEE-COLORED APARTMENT DOOR, NANAMI, AND HER LIGHT-BROWN, CLOUD-LIKE HAIR SHUFFLES THROUGH THE DOOR. After turning her lock to make sure she was safe, Nanami sighs loudly blowing a piece of hair out of her face. Staring at the empty, dark apartment Nanami feels all those tired and hungry sensations cloud her mind again. Nanami kicks off her Converse and makes a beeline to her painted door. But not before tossing her belongings on the puffy, creme couch.

Angrily shoving her bedroom door open, Nanami starts to review her exhausting and trifling night. "That bitch, using my needs to overwork me," she thinks of the evil man assigned to be her boss.

He keeps pressuring her to work more additional hours and knowing she needs the money she can't stick her middle finger to the bald man and say fuck you. Though that option is something she prefers much more, rather than obeying his orders like a puppy in training.

While still mentally cursing Mr. Sadeeq, Nanami calls out to her little, handy device Alexa and requests a song she could chill to.

"I like no blueberries in my ice cream cake."

The beat starts to fill her room as she bobs the rushed hairdo along to the melodious beat and sings along. Opening her crisp, white closet door, Nanami grabs the plushy oversized set of clothes and tosses them on her bed.

Walking over to her little nightstand, she grabs one of her new ties and pulls it along her wrist. As she goes to waddle to the bathroom, she hears her song go to a fading end. Thinking about another song, she bobs her curls while entering the bathroom.

Flipping the pale, green light switches up to on. Nanami pivots to face the mirror and stares at herself. She gets so close that she can kiss her pretty reflection, but she stares at the ruined eyeliner and loose sparkles on her cheeks. "Guess I have another thing to blame on the boiled egg," she whispers to herself rolling her eyes.

Grabbing a wipe from the package next to her on her mess of a counter. Once again she calls Alexa to play a certain tune for her, home shit home is the song she is feeling.

"I'd be so gratified if we can be together."

Tossing the now dirty wipe, Nanami starts to slowly strip down and prepare herself for a nice, quick, and hot shower. Pulling the tie off of her wrist, Nanami ties her messy hair into a tight bun so it isn't to be touched by the steamy water before climbing in. The warm water on her tired body soothes her tired, overworked muscles. Putting her face under the warm, descending water she hums along to the beat of the music.

Her much-needed shower goes by fast as she washes up and vibes along to the music playing from her small speaker. Taking her light green towel, she wraps it around her exposed body and quickly exits the bathroom. Popping the lid off her lotion she begins to moisturize her body as she sings along to the blasting music.

"And that's a long-ass ride."

She reaches for a pair of panties and begins to get dressed. Finally ready to exit her room, she puts on her fuzzy slippers and walks into her living room to set up for the rest of the night.

What she was supposed to be doing earlier, but again the Last Boss look-alike wanted to take the time she has set away for other things. This essay is important for her grade in this class, seeing as this college professor is more strict than the others. Her grade alone in that class has her GPA shaking in its boots.

But to get procrastination out of the way, she needs to get comfort and food.

Food has a higher importance.

Nanami tosses herself on the couch and quickly unlocks her phone to begin her quest for food. After basically five minutes of her and the phone having a staring contest, she can't find anything that speaks to her picky stomach. Until she remembers the pizza place her older sister told her about.

God's Menu, is the name. When she and her husband went there the pizza was so fucking fantastic that the cook deserved some lip-biting, sheet-gripping head.

Their words of course.

But if the pizza is that good, she might as well order some seeing as she has nothing else in mind. She searches for the place giggling at her sister's comment. When she finally gets to the website, she browses around their menu. They have a great variety of pizza, there is a pizza named Charmer which is Indian-inspired, and another called Maniac which is all of their toppings.

But Nanami decides to order their All In pizza which is a build-your-own. She chooses three kinds of cheese and some olives as a medium pizza with a Sprite and a side of fried pickles.

She had first tasted fried pickles at this burger place called Rush Hour. There was an incident with her order so the owner, Shownu, was kind to give her a side of fried pickles as a complimentary side dish. And ever since then, she's been hooked on them.

After memorizing her order, she goes to punch the numbers on her keyboard. Lifting the device to her ear, the ringing fills her ears as she finally hears someone enter the call with her.

"Hello Welcome to God's Menu, my name is Felix. May I take your order please?"

She hears the male on the other line, whose voice is a euphonic, hoarse voice. Which she finds very pleasant in her ears. "Hi Felix, uh-uh yes you may can I order the All In pizza?"

"Okay, and what would you want on it, ma'am?"

"For cheese could I get cheddar, mozzarella, and ricotta cheese? And for toppings, all I want is olives please."

"Alright, any drinks or sides you would like?"

"Sprite and a side of fried pickles."

"Okay, so just to make sure, you ordered an All In with cheddar, mozzarella, and ricotta cheese with olives. And for your drink, you want a Sprite and for your side some fried pickles?"

"Yes that's it," Nanami bobs her head yes, even though they can't see her.

"Alright your total is $17.81, thank you for ordering at God's Menu. Your order will be ready in about fifteen to twenty minutes," he mumbles to the customer over the phone. Felix hangs up the phone and lets out a small huff. Felix turns on his heels and walks over to the small rectangular, window, and taps the wall lightly to get Minho's attention. "Minho, order up."

Minho quickly glances up and takes the piece of paper and skims over it muttering under his breath to memorize the order. He mutters a quick thanks and Felix nods toward his friend and walks back to the front, but stops when Minho calls out to him. "Felix, ya nervous?" Minho chuckles and dusts his flour-covered hands on his dark, blue apron.

Felix rolls his coffee-colored eyes and turns to face his teasing friend to defend himself, but Chan also has something to say as well. "Yeah wouldn't want you back out," Chan adds with a smirk exiting the kitchen.

This whole dare situation started when they went out for drinks yesterday after work. It had gotten crazy busy and they all felt like winding down.

And what better place to do it than their favorite bar?

Nowhere, exactly.

They did what they would regularly do at the Blue Moon, Changbin would go and bother Minhyuk by going to the other side of the counter while he was working. Then after they somehow manage to get the first round on the house, they would go get their usual seats to start the night. This particular night, a drinking game had started and one thing led to another, and Felix was handed a dare or he had down the rest of the bottle and pay the tab. And you guessed it, of course, he took the dare. Fuck having to pay for the rest of these seven drunks.

Now here he is experiencing the consequences of the choices of the previous night and the non-stop teasing from his friends. Maybe he should've gone with the second option and made his pockets hurt but too late now.

He lifts his middle finger for Chan and Minho to see and walks back to the counter to see Jeong-in wiping down tables as it was nearing closing time. "You mind if I join you? The hyungs are still on my ass about tonight," he asks his bustling friend. Jeong-in shrugs with a small smile and hands him a rag.

As they wipe down the tables time speeds by as Minho calls out to Felix that the pizza is ready. Felix rolls his eyes as he hands the rag back to Jeong-in and makes his way to the back of the kitchen. "Oi Felix come here bro!" Chan boasts with a smug smile.

Felix purposely ignores the light, blonde male and unties his apron to go grab a pizza box. Once Minho lets the pizza cool down, they go ahead and set it in the box. Making sure that the slices are precut and that the complementary sauces are placed in their usual holding spots.

"Well it looks like it's just missing one, wait no two things," Chan says disappearing for a second just to reappear with two things in his hands. On the left hand are some Sharpies and on the right is a little container of olives. "Since this is a special occasion, I thought we could give 'em a little something extra."

"Good thinking," Minho compliments Chan who does a little bow at the comment.

"Thank you, well here you are Felix," Chan hands him the Sharpies and the container of olives. Felix playfully snatches the olives out of Chan's hands and sets both things down next to him. Now is the hard part, knowing what to write and not sounding like a creep.

He can play this off in various ways, but which one is the right one?

Felix chooses the blue Sharpie and takes the cap off to begin writing his message to the customer. Chan looks over Felix's shoulder seeing him hesitate and not know what to say. Patting him on the back Chan looks at Felix with a bit more sincerity lingering in his gaze, "Need some help bro?"

"Yeah I think I might need some help," Felix confesses sheepishly to his friend.

"Alright then bro, move aside and let me do the talking!" Chan confidently takes the Sharpie and starts to write.

Felix tries peaking over his shoulder, but Chan won't let him. "Uh uh, back up and let me work my magic!" Chan tells him threateningly holding the sharpie toward Felix. Felix steps back with both hands in the air and goes to fetch the delivery bag.

By the time Felix comes back, Chan is closing the top pizza box flap and sealing it for transport. Felix hands Chan the delivery bag to pack everything up so it is ready to go. They all pass on words to comfort his worries and send him off to deliver the pizza.

Felix walks out of the restaurant as his friend's loud cheers and snickers fade as he reaches the vehicle. He opens the black, sleek vehicle and climbs inside.

As he sits inside, he begins to overthink the upcoming situation.

The only time he has ever been involved with a girl was when he confessed how he felt about her. She accepted and all was well, but she just strung him along for four months with not an ounce of feelings for the boy.

But seeing as this was just a small joke and she probably won't even call, he turns the car on and heads toward her home.

The drive goes by as he sings along to his new favorite songs and before he knew it he is pulling up to an apartment complex. He grabs the delivery bag out of the passenger seat and heads toward the building entrance.

He passes some residents giving a tip of his hat or a polite smile or a wave as he heads over to the elevators. He presses the dull-looking four button to turn it golden and the elevator guides him up to the floor.

A ding is heard as the grey doors let him out. He searches for the door labeled 415.

He finally arrives and boy is he nervous. He psychs himself up once more as he deeply exhales and taps his fist on the smooth, brown door.

Her toffee-colored hair with light blue streaks covers most of her face as she stares right back at him. Her matching set of clothes adorns her cute, curvy body. She isn't that shorter than him, she is right up to his chin.

Felix begins to feel flustered because of the pretty girl, but he isn't the only one.

Nanami stares at the hot delivery guy. His light blonde mullet fades into a pretty arctic blue and his golden star earrings compliment him nicely. His eyes are a pretty dark brown with light freckles sprinkled on his face.

They both think of the same thing at this very moment, "Wow."

Felix subconsciously checks his pulse as he finally snaps out of his little trance. He can't handle the silence anymore as he bashfully smiles and hands her the items she had ordered. "Hi, here's your order! H-Have a goodnight!"

Nanami doesn't even get a chance to speak as he rushes everything out, she silently waves as he heads back toward the elevators. With a pout, she shuts her door with her elbow as she is extra careful not to drop her food. She sets everything down on her wooden surface and goes to lock her door.

She goes back to her table, where the food lay waiting for her to be consumed.

She smiles at the items before her, at last, food.

She opens up the box to look at perfection, to say the least.

It looks so cheesy and golden with her crust perfectly toasted. And they are so nice as to give her extra olives. Not to forget the pickles as they smell and look fantastic.

Nanami reaches for a slice of pizza and takes a bite.

Fucking delicious.

"Head well deserved," she thinks back to her sister.

She goes to grab a plate and when she comes back she notices writing on the inside of the box.

*̩̩̥͙ -•̩̩͙-ˏˋ⋆   ⋆ˊˎ-•̩̩͙- *̩̩̥͙

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