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It Is Hunter’s Moon at the Coven.

In each meeting there are more of us. Women of all colors, shapes and backgrounds. We gather here to celebrate nature, the passing of time and one another.

All witches young and old have gathered at our usual clearing in the woods. An altar has been arranged with offerings symbolizing the late harvest. They have also started a fire and a circle for prayers. Some came earlier to prepare it.

Others, like myself also came earlier but we went hunting. We missed the opening prayers but we are back just in time for sunset. The Hunter”s Moon rises large and orange during sunset, flirting in defiance with the sun. It seems as if they were kissing, so we kiss each other as well, before we start the drum circle. The rhythm of the drums fills the air, sets the pace. Some dance around the fire as it quickly gets dark.

We bring the deer to the altar, it’s barely old enough so it’s not so hard to drag it. We tie its legs and horns down and move away. From inside the woods Jillia, our leader, slowly walks towards us. Her hair is beautifully gray, she’s 70 years old but she’s the hottest woman I’ve ever seen. She’s wearing a loose, off-white linen robe, her hands are together in front of her chest holding a knife. Some of the youngest witches started having sex at sunset right there where they were, when we all were kissing for sunset; you can still hear them moan behind the sound of the drums. It seems they all moan for Jillia.

Jillia gets close to the deer and opens its neck open. A wave of blood flows down the altar, The Fortune Tellers come fast to take some of the blood for the little bases they wear around their necks. Others don’t dare to look… When The Fortune tellers are done The Cooks take the body to prepare it for the feast, the rest of us keep drinking, dancing and fucking until sunrise, when the food will be ready.

Most leave after eating, with the morning light, taking with them bones and stones from the ceremony; others sleep right there but they know they need to leave before the next night sets, this is when The Spirits will come to collect the offerings.

Will you defy The Coven rules to meet with The Spirits?

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