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"Lucien's nomadic quest for colors in a grey life takes an unexpected turn when he races against time to save a wedding. Guided by fate and a surprising twist, he discovers a love that defies the boundaries of existence. A cosmic tale of second chances and the resilience of love."

Romance Suspense romantique Tout public.

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A classic Tale of Roses and Romance

***As this story is a musical, I request all readers to play the song "Cardigan" by Taylor Swift *ON LOOP* ( any music platform till you finish reading this story )on your earphones or headphones and then come back here and start reading this without any interruption for the best experience.***

Please don't proceed without doing what I've mentioned above.

~ for Roslyn...

A lost writer Mr.Lucien , sick of a normal life, wanders around the world like a nomad, not knowing what he wants, trying to find some new colors in his grey and white life, trying to find some music to save himself from the chaos of silence.

Until 6/3/16, his best friend TJ's wedding planned in a different country, but luckily Lucien was staying in the next town, so he decided to show up only to find his friend worried about his fiancée's transportation to the chapel. The driver didn't show up. It was a small wedding, so he didn't want to ask the only few guests for favors. Unable to stand his whining, Lucien promised to bring his fiancée to the chapel on time.

Before starting the car, he took a small pocket book, flipped a few pages, and started to write, "Why am I falling in love with flowers like never before?" The chapel was small but absolutely breathtaking and attached to a beach, giving it the "VIBE!". The decorations, the kids being obsessed with fidget spinners, and not running around made it even calmer.

The piano music was enchanting the place.

He has been to many boring weddings, but there was truly something special about this one. He started the car, not knowing that he was going to die at the end of that day.

That three-hour drive reminded him of himself and how he used to be in his Uni days. All thanks to the old music collection of TJ. His friends, the crazy things they did, screwing up exams, all the breathtaking memories, and Rosyln. How can it be breathtaking without Rosyln? She was that special someone in his life. They were not together; they didn't date; in fact, they didn't even talk to each other until his last year, and before he could do something, it was too late. Uni was over, and they moved to different places. Even though he didn't spend much time with her, he used that special feeling to write stories and poems that were his best but weren't published. All that he remembers now are her eyes. Whenever they walked past each other, they saw each other for an instant, hoping one of them would stop. That instant felt like a lifetime. He was drowning in her eyes. But they never stopped and walked past each other like total strangers, hoping that they'd see each other again. But after university, they never did... Or did they?

He finally reached Rosyln's house...oops , the bride's house. Her place was so calm; it was 10 a.m. in the morning. The sound of birds chirping, the gentle breeze of wind, the white yarrows in her front yard, the mild sun kissing his face—it was so beautiful. But when he saw her, he realized that all those were not even close to her. When she opened the door, both of them froze. Both of them were the last people they'd expect to meet again, at least in this situation. He never had an eye contact this long with anyone, and she was prettier than ever. All that was running through his mind was whether she still remembered him or not. There were, like, a thousand things running through his mind. What if he asks her and she doesn't remember him, and it ends up creepy or uncomfortable for her? Stupid thoughts like these flooded his mind, and he decided not to ruin— the vibe. He just introduced himself as TJ's best friend and explained to her about the driver situation, which she also knew. Then she invited him into her home. She made him comfortable in the living room and told him that she'd be back in 15 minutes with her stuff and that they'd leave. He literally started to jump in excitement after she went upstairs. He then looked at the TV right in front of him; she was watching the first episode of 13 Reasons Why. "Poor girl's going to get traumatized," he thought to himself and smiled. It's been so long since he felt this excited. He just felt like himself after a long time. Her house was so pretty; her walls were full of posters of Taylor Swift, Chainsmokers, Queen, etc. She apparently had a good taste in music too. He was so excited that he even started to romanticize her house. That's when he remembered that she was going to get married in the evening to his best friend. All his excitement and happiness were suddenly gone. He became silent and started to drown in his thoughts. He again took out his note and wrote, "Dear universe, why are you being so mean only to me? Why are you bringing her into my life again to only take her away from me? Do you hate me that much??" As he was about to finish writing, he heard her say, "Done noting down detective?". He replied, "Pretty much, yeah!" And laughed it off. He then helped her load her bags into the car, and as they were ready to leave, the car didn't start. That actually made him happy, lol. But she just told him to wait and went into her home, came back with a key, and pointed her finger at a car parked across the garage. It was a freaking Mercedes-Benz 280 SL, a vintage classic. It didn't have a top, either.

It was her dad's. Lucien was already flying to the moon. They loaded her bags into this car, and when he was about to start the engine, he had a Deja Vu or some kind of vision where he saw himself disappearing in thin air.

A tear drop fell from his left eye . She asked him if he's okay, and he quickly wiped his tear and assured her that he's alright. After a while of driving, he reached the highway, and to his surprise, the road he came through while coming to her house was blocked due to some road construction. There was an alternate road that they could also use, but it's a long way. When I say long way, trust me. It would take them 6 hours if they took this road, whereas if they had taken that road, it would only take 3 hours. But it's not like they have a choice now. But the good thing is that they still have plenty of time. It was only 11 a.m., and the wedding was at 5 p.m.Right now, no one is happier than Lucien. But still, he cannot be truly happy. But at least something is better than nothing, right? They started their actual journey. The first 30 minutes were mostly silent, and they didn't talk much to each other. She was listening to music on her earphones while falling asleep. He was just admiring her beauty. See, the road was mostly empty because not everyone takes this road. The ocean on the left side, the palm trees , the pink sky, and the ocean breeze. It was too pretty to even exist. So it was very easy for him to focus on her and drive. Her leaning through the window, her hair strands flying due to the wind. She was sleeping like a baby, which was so cute. He regretted not talking to her in Uni so badly. That's when he got another vision of him and her being together and holding hands. A sudden bump woke him up out of it. He didn't slow down on the speed breaker. Now she also woke up, confused. She again asked him if he's okay, and he told her he's okay, but she told him to pull over, and she started to drive. He was sitting silent in the passenger seat, wondering if he had screwed up. After a while, she started to talk. She told him, "I thought you only didn't stop when you saw me. Looking at you. But it looks like it applies to them speed breakers too."

And smiled. Now, trust me, this actually made him feel better. He replied,Well, you didn't t either.""Well, I thought you didn't like me or something!" said both of them at once. "Nooooo!!!" again at once. Hearing that he wanted to beat himself up so badly. He missed her because of his stupid thoughts. So to the people who have even read this far, I want to tell you, please don't be afraid of making the first move. Please go talk to that person whom you like. It doesn't have to be romantic at first. Don't listen to your thoughts; they will create a thousand reasons to stop you. If you never try, you'll never know. Now, coming to the story,

They both started to talk after that. They talked about their university days and how both of them had a crush on each other. They talked for so long, and it felt so good. She then told him about how she and TJ met. Where he became silent. Then they didn't talk to each other for a while . So she opened the dash board, fixed the media player, and turned it on. She was trying to tune the radio, and after a while of tuning, she found a station called "Strings from Heaven." They were celebrating their 63rd anniversary. So they were playing old songs. When the song played, she started to sing and vibe with it as he was gazing at her pretty eyes, her hair strands flying, and her amazing voice, just like a kid gazing at the moon.

He closed his eyes to see him and her coming up with names for their daughter , arguing over names , just another vision. He started to tear up again, but this time he was quick to wipe it off before she saw it. He didn't know what those visions meant. He was trying to figure out what they were. He just wrote whatever he saw in his note book.

She asked him about the note book, but he didn't talk much about it. He just told her that he's a writer and that he's sketching ideas. But deep inside, he knew whatever he saw was not natural and that he'd been breaking the laws of the universe. He was having glimpses of his past life and his future. And the universe will erase any anomalies that shouldn't exist. These were the myths he got to know when he was on his spiritual journey. He remembered those words, quickly took out his note, and flipped to the first page. He was shocked to see it blank. He realized what was happening, and he accepted his fate. But At least he's happy in the end. He just decides to make the best of it and also to make sure that she doesn't remember anything. He loved her, and he genuinely wanted her to live happily with or without him. But he's only human. He's also afraid of dying. At least not when life is getting better at last. He had more visions of them raising their kids and growing old together. He just couldn't take it. He couldn't accept the fact that she's never going to be his. But still, he tried his best to not make it obvious and spend his remaining time with her happily. They sang songs together, and they gossiped about what people were doing when they were in university. They laughed together, and he was trying so hard not to kiss her. Then she told him to stop at the Santa Monica Pier, which was on their way. He knew it was getting late, but he couldn't say no, and he didn't want to say no. They went on the Ferris wheel, played and won prizes for her, and ate cotton candy. At that time, they were just two lost kids who were deeply in love with each other. She made him feel like himself, and he felt so good to be him. She knew it was going to break their hearts, but she too couldn't help it. She told him to wait near the pier and that she'd get changed as the bride and come back so that they could leave the chapel. He was waiting at the beach, wetting his feet in the shallow waters, gazing at the beautiful pink sunset, Inhaling the ocean breeze , just existing.

He again took out the note and started writing, even though he knew that it'd eventually get erased. But that can't stop a writer from writing, right? That too a passionate writter who knows that he doesn't have much time left. The world looked so different to him at that instant. He saw new colors, he heard new music.He had everything that he ever wanted in his life. He was the happiest person in the world.

When he saw her dressed as a bride, everything that he thought was beautiful before didn't even come closer to her. She was just a breath-taking miracle. She came closer to him and asked him if she looked good. All that was running through his mind was the regret that he had missed a shooting star. He came closer to her, and he wanted to kiss her so badly. They just looked at each other, expecting something would happen, but he just came closer and told her, "Thank you so much for existing!" And as he was about to go, she pulled him closer and kissed him. Tears fell from their eyes. Just two lost kids who were deeply in love with each other. The rest of the journey was mostly silent. He drove the car. They didn't talk much. They were trying their best to not look sad, but they couldn't help it. After a while, they reached the chapel. She went to the bride's room, and he went back to the car. He parked it away from the chapel in an empty parking lot. He just sat in the car and was looking at the sky. Tears falling from his eyes. He finally let it out. He cried so bad. He just wanted to leave the place and keep driving forever. But the memories kept flooding in. He couldn't even hold the car key. His hands were trembling. He used all his remaining energy left on inserting the key, and when he was about to start the engine, he realized it was finally happening. He was slowly fading. He didn't want to die. He wanted to be with her forever, wake up next to her, play with their kids, be a cool dad, take them on vacations, and grow old together. But none of that is going to happen, isn't it? He just thought about all the visions of his family that didn't even exist and slowly faded away.

According to the myth, he was supposed to fade away the moment he had those visions; the universe would just erase an anomaly instantly, but his feeling of love for her was so strong that it withstood the force of the universe for six whole hours.

Suddenly, there was chaos in the chapel because the bride was missing. Everyone rushed to her room to find it empty, only with a small pocket book on the bed. They opened it to find it filled with blank pages, as if it were brand new.

Both of them woke up in a void. It was like a woods, but empty, with no signs of life. They were just walking and walking like lost kids, trying to find their mom. They were so afraid. It was not the heaven that they had fantasized. A minute later, the void started to collapse, and they were just running away from it. But they realized that there was no point in doing that, so they accepted their fate and started to walk slowly towards the light at the corner, only to bump into each other. He was shocked to see her in the void. He asked her, "How?" and she replied, "The notebook." He just smiled and hugged her. They just braced each other soo tightly , feeling their touch for the last time before the void collapsed. Finally the void collapsed and It got dark... So dark...And when they opened their eyes, they were sitting in their car. About to start from her home to the chapel. Both of them couldn't believe what had just happened. They start to think maybe they were just hallucinating or dreaming. Then they look at each other and find themselves panting , their eyes teared up. They were so happy. They were crying and smiling at the same time. They kissed each other like they didn't want to stop. Then her phone rang; it was TJ. They stopped kissing, and she took the phone and threw it away as he started the car.


~ THe EnD ~

After a while of driving, only God knows where to... She told him, "Please get me a new phone, okay?"

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