It’s the first of Harry and everything is normal except in this version he has a new cousin named Key that acts like a protective sister and isn’t a witch, but a fae. So, new creatures are introduced

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Okay, New readers, I must tell you that I recreated this so if old readers, that like this version, that I created can see it.

Wait, to hear a different version of the story of the boy who lived with a new character, this the story that explains a lot of new things.

It started on the night, Voldemort went to kill Harry, while Key is living with her cousin.

She's also is one-year-old this is after she got left by her parents, and with the help of her parent's protection charm.

Lily's love spell: Harry's mother made the killing curse rebounded Harry and hit Voldemort.

Another thing, on that night, unlike Harry, Key wasn't affected by the killing curse.

Afterwards, Key could sense that somebody was coming, and that's Hagrid, seeing Key hugging Harry, he knew that was Kai's child.

So, he took them both from the house and gave them a ride on Sirius' motorcycle.

Meanwhile, Professor McGonagall finds and watches the Dursleys all day in her cat form and sees what kind of people they are, she figures out that Aunt Petunia is nosy, likes to sneak on her neighbors by pretending to be gardening.

While spying on the Dursleys, she discovers that Uncle Vernon tries to ignore the truth and wash away the mail that he got from work.

Anyway, after spying on them most of the day, night finally comes, which is when a tall mysterious man showed up.

He has hair as silver as his beard, bright blue eyes, wearing purple cloak, buckled boots;

This man that i'm giving a description of name is Albus Dumbledore.

While walking, Albus takes the lights out of lamps, so no one notices him.

"Well, hello Professor McGonagall, I should've known you would be here", said Professor Dumbledore.

After he said that, the cat turned into a woman with black hair in a tight bun, square glasses, wearing an emerald cloak.

"How did you know it was me?" asked Professor McGonagall.

"Why Professor, no cat could stand so still, like you were doing", answered Dumbledore.

Next, a woman with long brown hair,sunglasses on her head, wearing a orange cloak appear and walks with Dumbledore and McGonagall.

This woman is Abigail Mills, a close friend to the professors, and was close to many people as the great travel a.k.a Kia's mother, many know her as a legend for helping all kinds of people because she is a guardian.

"Hello, my old friends I heard of the bad news, what are we doing here?" Abigail smiled,in a friendly manner.

But, before they could answer the question, Hagrid shows up on the motorcycle.

"Professor Dumbledore sir, Professor McGonagall, Abigail", said Hagrid .

"Lovely to see you again, Hagrid", replied Abigail.

"No troubles, I hope hagrid?" asked Dumbledore.

"No sir, little ones fell asleep, just as I was flying; try not to wake them up", Hagrid tells them,giving the babies to Dumbledore.

"Oh, let me see, aww their adorable", said Abigail. "Hi my grand babies".

"Are you sure, we should leave them with these people, i've watched them all day. They're the worst kind of muggles imaginable, they really are?" asked McGonagall.

"The only family we can trust them with", Dumbledore told McGonagall.

"But, Abigail, you are Key and Harry's grandmother", said Professor McGonagall.

"My magic isn't enough to protect them like the line of underage wizards and faes are protected by and besides I have a better idea", said Abigail.

"I'm going love to hear this idea, friend, right?" Hagrid smiled.

"I'm good with the muggle world, so I can keep a good eye on them, no problem", Abigail told them.

"I guess that would be suitable idea for now", Professor Mcgonagall agreed to Abigail's term.

"Anyway, what's so bad about this family?" wondered Abigail.

Mcgonagall explains that the Dursleys blinded themselves to thinking their perfect and they want nothing to do with the Potters.

"Yep, I met that kind of family, I can handle them", Abigail remembered.

Dumbledore puts the kids in a basket wrapped in a blanket, and leaves a letter in it

Hagrid cries a little because he knows he'll miss the babies.

"There, there Hagrid. It's not really goodbye", Dumbledore assures Hagrid.

"Good luck kids, Good luck Abigail", Dumbledore wished.

Before I end the chapter I'll tell you about Key and Harry getting to see Abagail.

This starts with The Dursleys sending Key and Harry at age 5 to a house,which is around the corner.

Abigail comes from inside of the house,and says "Hello".

"Keep an eye on them,they cause a lot of trouble",Vernon warns Abigail.

"I can handle the kids", said Abigail,while smiling.

Dudley is with Vernon's sister.

After the Dursleys are gone,Abigail gives a tray of cookies.

"So,anybody want cookies?" asked Abigail.

"Who are you?" asked Key.

"I'm Ms. Mills, unlike your aunt and uncle,I'm nice", Abigail told Key,knowing she doesn't trust many people.

"Okay", said Harry.

Through their time together,Key and Harry play games,eating snacks,and even laughing.

This is a start of a beautiful friendship,hope you enjoy the next chapter.

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