the_courageous_conqueror Victor the Conqueror

Lamenting, expressing thoughts, and feelings. Just letting out your emotions when mentally unstable.

Poésie Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Please Help

My God please help me,

My head feels like a bloody war.

Just please remove this,

I just want some peace.

Just put me in the wilderness,

Where it feels safe, and peaceful.

It’s looks so beautiful, it feels like home.

Just please Lord take me there,

With absolutely zero worry whatsoever.

Please Lord, please.

I just want to feel safe

From everything, and everyone.

I just want to be miles away from everyone

And just explore the beautyness of your creation.

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Victor the Conqueror Poetry is my safe space. Favorite poet is Edgar Allen Poe. Favorite poetry is the Psalms. I’m sharing my poetry to let people know there not alone in there struggles. And it’s ok to be honest in your writings. The thing I’m trying conquer is everyone’s worst enemy, Mental Health.

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