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Have you ever been adopted by a gang leader? Well, Kristen is about to be. Kristen is a 16 year old orphan who was adopted on her birthday. A few months later, she starts falling in love with this handsome blond guy who goes by the name of Austin. Then she finds out that he is a gang leader. Austin explains everything to her and also starts to develop feelings for her too but it was impossible for Kristen to trust him because he kept on cheating on her.

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Chapter 1


"Rise and shine orphans" A familiar voice says and everyone including me groans. I hate it when I was called an orphan even though I am. Today is actually my birthday so I hopped out of my bed and immediately brushed my teeth. To be honest, I'm not even sure if its today cause I don't know when I was born cause I don't have parents.

"Good morning Ms. Silvers" I say after I spit the paste from my mouth to the sink. When it someone's birthday, they give you a birthday present by trying to find a new family for you but some aren't lucky like my best friend Emma. When she didn't get one, I did my best to fix all the broken pieces in her heart. Today was my day and I hope I get a new family. "I said rise and shine! Get out of bed!" Ms. Silvers shouts and everyone gets up forming a line in front of the sink.

"Happy Birthday Kris" "Thank you" I respond excitedly. "I have some good news for you. You've been adopted!" What the fuck did she just say? I've been adopted! I've been fucking adopted! I scream and everyone looks at me confused. Ms. Silvers covers her ears and I pull her into a big hug. Emma comes out of the washroom and says "I'm so happy for you Kris" She says whiles hugging me. I home they're wealthy, just kidding, just can't believe I've been adopted. After all these years.

"They would love to meet you now so please get out of this monstrosity on your body and wear something more attractive" She says whiles looking at my yellow panda pajamas. I nod my head and I immediately look for something nice in my drawer and luckily I found a black crop top with a blue ripped jeans. This was perfect! I rushed to the bathroom to take a bath. After, I dressed up and I put perfume on my body just to smell better.

In and out. In and out.
I headed downstairs and I saw Ms. Silvers talking to a man and a woman who looked wealthy and I'm sure they're my new parents. She sees me and gives me a thumbs up, making sure they don't see. "Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, meet Kristen Evans, your new child." I hear the woman whispering to the man "She's beautiful"

He nods his head in agreement and I shake their hands. "Are you ready darling?" Darling? That's a little to early to call me that. I nod my head and I leave the orphanage, to explore the world with my new family.

"Home sweet home. Hope you like this place" "Like it? I love it! This place is incredible!" At the corner if my eye, I spot a thing on a table that looks as if its fragile. I walk towards it and I hold it. "What is this?" "That is actually a vase. Really expensive, so expensive that it can buy you 5 Bugatti cars." Huh... I put it back down on the table and I continue exploring this mansion. "Would you love to see your room?" My room? I get my own room? I nod my head and they lead me up stairs and open a door and I completely adore what I'm staring at right now.

"Is this my room?" "Year, if you don't like it we can change it." "I love it. Thanks so much!" I say whiles hugging them. "Dinner would be ready in 1 hour. So feel free to call us if you need anything" Mr. Thomas says before going downstairs with his wife.

"I'm fucking rich!" I say myself whites jumping on a purple queen sized bed and that when I remembered that I didn't say goodbye to Emma She must hate me right now. At the corner of my eye, I spot a guy in his room without his shirt on, showing off his muscles. He sees me and a grin appears on his face. He winks at me and my cheeks turn red.Why am I blushing?

I wave at him and he slides his curtain to prevent me from looking at himStupid. Stupid. Stupid.I'm sure he thinks I'm a weirdo.


"So Kris, you're gonna be attending a new school tomorrow. Our new neighbour is gonna show you around."

"Is it that hot boy that his room is beside beside mine and barely keeps his shirt on?" Mrs. Thomas chuckles and says "You've seen him already huh?" I nod my head innocently whiles playing with the broccoli on my plate.

"His name is Austin." Even his name is hot. I won't be surprised if he is the captain of the football team in his school. "Why can't you just drop me?" "Because we have a lot of stuff to do" Mr. Thomas says before Mrs. Thomas can say a word. Tomorrow is gonna be the worst.

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