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Major has dreamed for being number 1 in an army and wants to improve. But there is much more ahead of him, Training, Wars, practice, Tears and worst of all failures. Will Major survive? Or will he get shot down dead? Will he amaze and dazzle he's commander and everyone at the end? Find Out...

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(Majors story)

I sighed, "I'm ready," I said to myself. I started the engines and flew off. I turned my warplane in a vertical position, I started shooting at the warplane infront of me. We were going to hit each other so I lifted up. I did a loop-de-loop back and head to my team. . . there is one behind me. So I started twirling and dodging all their bullets. But then. . . I came to a conclusion that I began to stay still, the enemy locked the missile on me. . . I twirled and shot the flares out. "Phew, that was a close one!" I said. I saw another enemy. He's on my tail, I thought. So I went In the long, quaky crumbling gorge. I saw a rock infront of me I turned to the side with a vertical turn to dodge he's bullets. He didn't see the rock coming—but he did clip he's Wing, I see part of he's wing is gone He locked a missile on me, I tried to move around vigorously whilst dodging all the Rocks that I'm going past. I had a plan, when I saw a huge rock at the top and another rock as a support. I stood still for him to Lock the missile and launched it, and he did. So I went In the cave, and I did a powerful vertical turn to the right. The guided missile hit the rock supporting the rock thats on top of me, and got out from that area and the enemy plane gotten crushed by the rock above. Very violent, alot of violence I thought.

- (Enemy elite/Turners story)

"Turner, we need help, The major has already destroyed two planes in eight minutes!" Said commander Terry. "Alright, Team A Flank at the right And Team B flank at the left to get them surrounded!" Ordered Commander Terry.

Commander Terry saw the Major in a Su-37 warplane, the best plane in the world. Commander did a sharp turn back and shot Major, Major was still dodging, Commander Terry locked the missile on to him. And down he goes.

Even though I'm on the enemies side, I want to dive down. When the Commander left the scene he fought him in. I turned in

and went for him to save him. I can hear my Commander saying, "ENEMY MAJOR DOWN, ENEMY MAJOR DOWN!" So I went down and landed my plane on the flat area of the forest with no trees. I got out of my plane and ran, "Hello!?" I here a distant scream echoing in the forest Saying "help," I thought it was the major so I ran straight to him.

This forest is so dense, meaning he could be empailed by a tree when he landed.

I see him lying on the dirty floor, I bent down on My leg, "Are you alright?" I said, "h-who are you?" Major said, while blocking the sun light from he's face.

"I-thats not Salient just yet, Hop in my plane, I'll tell you later, follow me!" I said. "I'm coming He walked behind me dizzyingly and grabbed he's hand and ran to the plane. I hopped in the driver's seat while he is in maintenance at the back. As a co-pilot. We flew in the sky, "Where is your base?" I questioned. "Y-you're an enemy?" Said Major. "Wait, I betrayed the other team for you don't get the lines crossed," I said. "Alright, it's The Coordination?" I said. "Go left then straight," said Major.

He coordinated me to hes base and landed on Carrier. "Hi, guys," I said "Who are you?" he questioned loudly, I am An enemy pilot, my pilot Nickname is, "Turner," I said sensibly.

"I betrayed the enemy team for your Major sir," said Turner. "I never seen a enemy pilot save another good pilot, thankyou. You got me overawed," said Jack. "I am the Head-security, I'll get you in and you'll get allowance to be here." Said head-security guard.

"And see if the Security Forces agree to give you a acception, but first you need some new clothes before some people will think you're a enemy," said head-security guard. "Sure."

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