It's about Yanotzu a paranormal investigater who is also a country singer that moved back to his hometown after he lost his parents with his friend Jin. Yanotzu meets his old friend Wolfie and together they find many mysteries in the town of Yellowseed.

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Journal 1

Dear Journal: In the town of Yellowseed, there are many supernatural creatures, things living amongst us, but the problem is not people can see them because they hide among ordinary people and things. I am one of the rare people that knows about these things, but since many people are blind to the truth, I am a loner trying to find out all the creatures of this town.

My name is Yanotzu, not am I a person that loves the supernatural, but I'm also a country singer, and even though I speak of Yellowseed with such fascination I just moved back town.

But, I did originally live in this town, when I was 5 until I was 7, but I had move away with my parents because my singing career was starting to take off; which was unfortunate because I had to the only person who wanted to be my friend, his name is CJ, but everybody including myself calls him Wolfie.

We call him Wolfie because wherever he is, dogs follow and he has hairstyle that makes him look like a wolf, I always would question him like "Are you a werewolf?" Or "Are you part wolf?" But, his answer would always be "Maybe I am Maybe I'm not" with that annoying smirk, I hated that about him, yet I had developed a little crush on him.

To this day, I still like him, no matter how many times a guy would ask me out; I would turn them down, anyway I like him a lot.

I forgot to mention that I am 15, so I lived in the city of Mosshaven, it was an okay town, I was with my mom and dad.

What I failed to mention is that a year before I lost parents in a fire, I just got back from practice when I saw my house.

I was horrified when I saw the house burnt, I called the hospital and the doctor told me that my parents got caught in a fire and died because the experience was too much for their hearts.

I went to the hospital, I cried into the room, where my parents were; I cried for hours, eventually I went to my friend's house and that's where I have been staying.

That friend is taking me on a ride right now, his name is Jin Subaru, he was the first friend I made once I came to Mosshaven.

Jin has been a great friend and he knows that I am emotionally wrecked, which is why I am writing this in my journal.

At first, I thought Jin had a crush on me, but it turns out that he had a crush on his other best friend: Urayama Mashiro, that guy is an artist and he loves Jin.

In fact, Jin and Urayama are dating.

We are in the town of Yellowseed now, so I'm done, until next time Journal.

On the road, a highschool boy who has short brown hair, white skin, wearing a white jacket, red shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes.

Even though he is in highschool he has the face and size of an elementary kid. This is Yanotzu.

Beside him driving is Jin, he has short blonde hair, white skin, wearing a yellow shirt with a red circle, blue jeans, and white shoes. He has the face of a regular high school face.

"Yanotzu, we made it", said Jin.

Yanotzu smiles, and says "It would seem so".

"So, are you really going to go back to your old house?" Jin asks Yanotzu.

"Yup, the landlord said that it hasn't been sold and as long as I keep up with the rent, there is no problem", said Yanotzu, then looked at Jin. "But, I'm surprised you want to come with me and that you sold your house".

"I said I'll be living with you", said Jin.

"I told you that I am fine", Yanotzu told Jin, with his head down.

"You don't have to be so stubborn, I told you we are friends, so if you are hurting you can tell me", Jin insisted.

"Thanks, your kindness is so reassuring", said Yanotzu.

"Of course, that's what I'm here for to pick up all the broken pieces inside you", said Jin.

While looking at the window, Yanotzu sees a blur, which makes his eyes widen and smile.

"What's up?" Jin asks Yanotzu, seeing Yanotzu smiling.

"I saw a speedster", said Yanotzu, with sparkles in his eyes and starts writing in his journal.

"A speedster, there have been rumors about one in this town, but his face was never shown", said Jin.

"No way! You mean other people think there's a speedster too?" Yanotzu asks Jin, looking amazed.

"Yeah, it was on the news plenty of times", said Jin, looking nervous, yet calm.

"No way, I'm going to interview some people once we get home", Yanotzu proclaimed.

'Well, he got excited fast, seems the supernatural is still on his mind like it was back then', thought Jin.

From a distance, a person with long hair was watching Jin and Yanotzu.

"Seems he came home at last", said the mysterious person.

That person disappears.

A few minutes later, Jin and Yanotzu arrive at their new house, where they are greeted by a woman who has long black hair, white skin, wearing a red shirt, long blue skirt, and white heels. Her name is Ms. Anna.

"Hope you like your new living situation", said Ms. Anna. "Oh, and I'm sorry about your parents".

"It's okay, and thanks for being concerned about me", said Yanotzu, as he waves goodbye.

'It's amazing, it's been 8 years, yet he doesn't look like he aged a bit', thought Ms. Anna, then smiles. 'I wish I could hug him forever'.

Jin and Yanotzu enter their house.

Inside the house, there is a ceiling fan, a table, chairs, a living room, a dining room, three bedrooms, and a kitchen.

It looked wonderful.

"Are you sure, nobody has ever moved since you two left?" Jin asks Yanotzu. "I mean it looks too clean for a house that has been abandoned for eight years".

"Yeah, the landlord said many people tried to move in, but they said it was haunted, I always thought this place was special", said Yanotzu, with a smile.

"Shouldn't you at least be concerned about the ghosts kicking you out too?" Jin asks Yanotzu, looking concerned.

"Nah, besides if they wanted to, they would've already have done it", said Yanotzu.

"I guess that makes sense", said Jin.

A strong wind picks up.

Jin and Yanotzu close the windows that were open.

They start unpacking, then they hear a knock on the door.

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