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Two girls find themselves being introduced by a mutual friend of them both at a rollerskating park. After getting comfortable with each other over the course of a few weeks. Things began to take a drastic change as feelings began presenting themselves in their lives. How will these two handle these feelings? How long will it take for them to get together?

LGBT+ Tout public.

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" Mija! " A voice exclaimed , followed by footsteps that sounded through the house.

That's my mother.. A woman who's known for her ability to scare you without actuallytrying to scare you , this being the reason I've never been disobedient in my life!

" Mami!? " I shouted back, peeking through my room door as she made her way.

" Dear , Isabella's on the phone! I told her to hold so hurry now , hurry!! " She said aggressively, motioning me to go.

Trust me , even though I don't exactly want to talk to anyone right now , I had to , it was inevitable. No one says no to their mother and I couldn't afford getting killed by my bestfriend.

Groaning , I made my way to the living room where the wall phone had been. With a sigh , I lifted the phone to my ear.

" Hello? " I spoke , enthusiasm, not at all evident.

" Is that a beauty I hear!? " Isabella exclaimed from the other end , earning her a smile.

"No Bella , what do you want? I told you not to call me when mamá's home. " I responded , a bit irritated.

" With this , I don't think you'll care if your mom is home or not. "

She responded , my eyes squinting as I accepted her attempt to bribe me out of telling her off.

" What is it? " I replied softly.

There was a brief pause before she spoke.

" Two words!! Rollerskating and park! "

My ears stung at her high pitched scream but I couldn't help but smile. I've been waiting forever , absolute eternity for this moment.

" No way!! You got us membership passes?! " I screamed back at her , after , realizing I was too loud and lowering my voice.

" Yes! Yes I did! And there's gonna be a party there tonight that we NEED to attend. "

She said , making another wide smile grace my lips.

" No questions asked ,I'll be there! Pick me up at 5? " I say to her as she agreed , blowing me a few kisses before hanging up the phone.

After a few seconds of standing there , my eyes wide open. I ran to the room that my mom was currently in.

" Mamá!!! " I shouted out.

Five O' clock came swiftly and that was nothing but good for Vera. She was deadly excited. After not being able to rolleskate for years , she finally , now , had the opportunity to redeem a passion she had long lost.

With a blink of an eye , she had slammed the car door , looking Isabella straight into the eyes , her gaze demanding her to drive.

" Woah , woah, woah.. calm down amor. "

Isabella squeazed out , starting her car.

" How! In the world! Do you expect me to calm down- right now!.. " She spoke back , her expression ugly.

Isabella decided not to argue with her , she knew how her bestfriend could get , and there was no way in hell she'd risk pissing her off.

They made small talk on the way to the park , it was sweet , aswell as the fact that the excitement radiating off of Vera got to Isabella.. This is equivalent to her being drunk , meaning , the drive was nothing but foolish laughter and giggles accompanied by continuous beeping from other drivers.

" Isabella!! Vera!! Welcome! " A guy welcomed them both with hugs in which they reciprocated.

" Carlos!! It's been so long , it's so good to see you again! " Vera squealed , her lips forming into a wide smile.

" It's great to see you too Vera , you've grown so much! " Carlos responded , patting her shoulder.

This is Carlos , an old time friend of Vera and Isabella , also one of the most professional rollerskaters in the area. He won second place in their city's most luxurious and influential rollerskating competition. A person Vera looked up to greatly.

" No I miss you Isabella?. Saddening my love! " Isabella interrupted , a scoff following soon after which made Carlos chuckle.

" Very sorry Isabella dear! I missed you too. " He teased.

His name was suddenly shouted , having all three of them turn into the echoes direction.

There stood a group of about 5 people, all of whom seemed to have already been wearing their skates. Vera admired them for a second before her eyes fell on one particular person.

She was tall , her posture , magnificent. Her aura seemed really , really , cool.. Chill if we were to be technical.

" Earth to vera!! " Carlos snapped his fingers , awaring me yet again of my surroundings.

" Oh yes! " I jumped.

" You were in deep girl , but , come on! I'll introduce you to my friends yeah? " He smiled , leading Isabella and I over to the group where we began interacting with the others.. I couldn't help but let my interest take over me as I extended my arm to the girl.

" Hi. My name's Vera , it's a pleasure to meet you. "

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