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"Im headed home love," I sent the text to you as I pulled out from work. My phone chimed as I got your reply, "See you soon baby, I want to snuggle in bed after you take your shower".

I walked in the door, putting the contents of my pockets on the counter before making my way back to our room. You were already in bed, waiting on me with a sheet over you while reading a book. "Whatcha reading?" I asked, bending down to give you a kiss. "Ohh... just rereading a few chapters from Silver Flame, passing time till you got home."

I took a few minutes in the shower, scrubbing the days work away. Pulling back the curtain, I saw the clothes I had set down were gone. "Playing pranks, baby?", I called through the door. You giggled in response, "I'm not sure what you're talking about".

I came out with just a towel around my waist, "I think you know..." I stopped in mid sentence, noticing in the lamplight the sheet moving close between your legs, one hand still clutching the book, your other nowhere to be seen. I growled with the realization of what you were doing. "I said I wanted to watch you, the next time you did that..."

"Mmhmm" you moaned out, "then drop that towel, and come up here so I'll have more than just words to inspire me". I was on the bed in a second, leaving the towel on the floor.

"One rule to this game," you said as I reached to pull back the sheet, "see how long we can resist each other..." I drew the sheet from off of you, like pulling the ribbon from a gift, exposing your nude form. The sight was enough to make my swiftly hardening cock throb, the movement not unnoticed by you. Reclined back on the bed on a pile of pillows, one hand was resting over the book as it lay over your chest, one finger between the pages as a placeholder. My eyes grazed down your body, devouring how you looked in the soft light, your hair draped down over your breasts in a cascade of dark caramel. I followed the arm not holding the book further down, where your hand was placed lightly over your sex, one finger delicately tracing the outer petals as you teased me with the image before my eyes. I didnt know if I could hold out, if I could take not being buried inside of you as you touched yourself.

"Play for me baby," you spoke in a soft, seductive tone, reading my thoughts through my eyes. I leaned back against the footboard of the bed, stretched out in a near-reclined position, legs bent slightly to allow you a full view as I grasped around the base of my shaft. You sucked in your lower lip between your teeth, as eager to climb on top of me and slide straight down and impale yourself on my hardness as I was to pounce on you and fuck you senseless. But the challenge was set, and neither of us were ready to concede defeat... not yet anyways. You pushed even further as you, scarcely missing a stroke, raised one leg over mine, shifting so that we were both linked together, the barest of space between our moving hands, giving us both an intimate and close look as we pleasured ourselves. I worked my fist up and down my cock, alternating speed, slowing down every now and then to take my thumb and rub over the head, collecting the clear fluid at the tip, spreading its slickness across my shaft with each downstroke of my hand. I switched my gaze back and forth between your beautiful face, eyes half closed, lips parted in a half smile as you used your fingers to spread yourself to my eyes, both an invitation and dare. The book, now forgotten, slid to the bed as you took your other hand and started rubbing across your breasts, squeezing them, rolling your nipples between your fingers as you did. With the hand between your legs, I watched you swirl one finger around your clit for a moment before pushing it down into your wet opening with a loud moan. Matching my strokes with your finger, you thrust in and out several times before adding a second, your hips now rocking with the added stimulation as you sought your release. The sight was intense as I gripped my shaft, every stroke of my hand inching me closer to cumming. I wanted to feel you clench around my cock as I buried myself deep inside of, but I did not want this vision of lust to end, not when you were so close. We both kept playing, edging us onward to our mutual climax.

I decided to add to your fire. "Are you going to cum for me, love? Are you going to make a mess on your fingers baby as you watch me play with my cock for you?" Your fingers increased the tempo, the sound of them furiously driving in and out of your wet pussy filling the room as you moaned in response to my words. "Mhmm! Im so close... mm, Im gonna cum!" You cried out as pleasure washed over you, mouth open and eyes closed as your breath came in ragged gasps. The sight snapped something inside and I couldnt resist taking you any longer. Somehow untangling from our position and kneeling before you, I took your legs and laid them over my shoulder, lining up my cock to your opening. "Oh, fuck," you moaned out as I slammed into you, only lasting two more thrusts before I started cumming deep in you, my teeth clenched in a feral growl as I kept pounding you, emptying myself inside of that flame between your legs, my whole focus on where we were joined together. I slowed to a stop as I became to sensitive to continue and collapsed on top of your naked body, still inside of you, wrapping my arms around you as we swiftly drifted to sleep, exhausted, but, for the moment, sated.

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Sean Elliot I write mostly because and about my Starlight, a person very close to me and something more. The twin of my own soul. I write mostly poetry, but also some short stories.

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