Sorayah Payton

Rockelle is a Kings Charles Cocker Spaniel who is a happy pet. When her owner, Emily, house catches fire the family is forced to move. But Emily’s parents won’t allow Rockelle to join them. Once sent to the pound Rockelle escapes with some other dogs. Since she doesn’t know the streets very well she runs into trouble quickly. During a fight she’s saved by a wild German Shepherd who wants nothing else to do with her. But after he observes Rockelle and how she acts he knows the pet won’t survive long. Rockelle is invited to tag alongside the German Shepherd only until she gets the hang of being a wild dog. Now Rockelle is torn between two worlds that aren’t one bit similar. Now she has to decide if she wants to become a pet again or learn the ways of the wild.

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The 4th Of July

"MOM, WHAT'RE WE HAVING FOR DINNER?" Emily yelled from her room. "Jeez, she couldn't have told me earlier." Emily said, "Isn't that right Rockelle?" She stared at her dog.

Rockelle lifted her head and cocked it at Emily, "did you say something?" Rockelle asked.

"OMG your such a cutie," Emily said snapping a picture of her beautiful dog. Rockelle's tail gave a wag she had listened to the sound of her owner's voice which, even when yelling, was soothing to her. The bed creaked when Emily hopped off it. She quickly left the room.

Rockelle yawned and stretched, I almost forgot what tonight was, she thought running out of the room, she made her way down the old stairs and came outside.

Rockelle then pushed herself against the gate that separated her and the neighbor's dog."Lime!" She howled, and she allowed her tongue to loll out with excitement. "Rockelle! Tonight's the night! I can smell it!" Lime exclaimed, his tail fanned the air. "I know! It's flashy popping night!" She replied her whole body wiggled, it was hard to contain her excitement.

"C'mon mom I want to be ready to set off the firework!" Emily said setting her plate of food down. Rockelle trotted over and slipped a piece of meat off her plate. Yum! She thought beginning to look at the sky.

"Fireworks are boring" Justin, Emily's older brother, grumbled. Emily made a shushing noise and looked at the now-dark sky.

The porch light flickered on, but no one paid any attention. Their focus was on the cracking, colorful fireworks. Emily gasped almost forgetting that they had their own fireworks, she quickly snatched the firework from her mother's hands and planted it on the ground.

Rockelle watched silently as her owner lit the firework, and suddenly it shot up to the sky. Emily grinned at her doing but it soon vanished, Rockelle barked with confusion.

The firework seemed to have stopped mid-way and was now changing direction. Emily's eyes expanded,Rockelle whimpered to herself she didn't understand what was going on. Her mother cried out "NO!" As the firework crashed into their roof.

Rockelle's brown eyes were now orange as it reflected the fire she was staring at with complete shock.

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