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A short story which was chosen to be punished in a story book, with a section of scary stories. This was my entry.

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The abandoned castle of Greenlake!

I stood in the doorway of the abandoned castle of Greenlake. No-one ever comes back from this place. I walked into the great hall. I saw something move. I’m sure it’s nothing. A painting on the wall, was the scariest sight, the eyes seem to move. There was a creak of a floorboard behind me. My heart started racing. I turned around slowly. A transparent man with his head under his arm looked at me. He said, “you are next, you have trespassed on my property”. And that was it I was with the others. The others that had disappeared.

Authors Note -

Hello, I'm Emily and i write short stories. I don't do many long stories and i love to leave a cliffhanger. I wrote this short story for a competition a while ago, and it made it to the punishing stage. I'm very happy with this short piece but i would like to make it longer. Leave your comments and ideas, if i should carry it on!

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Emily Barlow I'm 17 year old girl who is currently studying Art and Design at College. I love write, mainly Scary stories and a little Romance I hope you like my Stories!!!!

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