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Hero lost. Lady Codex had won.

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Hero spat on the ground, holding his injured arm as he stared up at the teenage girl smirking at him from the rafters. The annoyingly well-reinforced rafters.

“What’s wrong, Hero?” Codex asked. “Cat got your tongue?” Hero growled.

“Avery will stop you,” he told her. She snorted.

“Hardly. I’m not stupid.” Another set of footsteps sounded from the entrance to the rafters of the room. Hero looked up and frowned in disappointment at the person standing beside Codex.


“Hero,” the teen responded, his voice empty of any regret or affection. Hero swallowed. He’d have to word this right.


Hero stopped at the sound.


Codex lowered her gun, watching Hero’s body fall from the catwalk. She tapped her comm. “Maintenance?”

“Yes, Lady Codex?”

“Ensure that all remains in 23-5 have been completely destroyed.”

“Certainly, Lady Codex.”

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Alix Paige Hi. I'm Alix, a vaguely-feminine genderqueer person who doesn't believe in God, normality, or allowing people to walk over me. Seriously, don't even try. I write, I draw, I conlang, and you can 100% expect to see a conlang in my stories in the near future. I like women and only women, so if you're a guy, don't pull the tricks they did on I will report you. But seriously, I'm actually pretty laid-back, I just don't take things laying down.

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