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Edward is a zombie,it should be difficult for him to see and talk.. …But it isn’t. Not with Felicity. With his witch wife,things are made easier. *From my “Poppy McLain’s adventures” stories.

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How Edward can see and talk

In a meadow,there was a small house,where a family was living.

A witch named Felicity,her zombie husband,Edward,their five year old daughter,Ivy,who could turn into a snake human (A human with snake scales,eyes and abilities) , their five year old son,Damien,who was a living porcelain doll and their adopted daughter,Bronte,who was the same age as their children and a witch,like Felicity.

There was a time when Edward,Ivy and Damien were human..but that’s a long time ago.

Anyway,the whole family was hanging out in the living room and it had occurred to Edward that he shouldn’t be able to see,because he only had one eye that was so badly messed up,it was entirelywhite.

He also shouldn’t be able to talk,because his blood was deep in his throat and he was screaming when he got turned into a zombie.

So Edward turned to Felicity,who was sitting next to him and asked her why he was able to do these things.

She replied that her spells helped him to function like he did when he was human.

Oh,how he wished he were human again…

*I'm not showing Gacha Club character photos.If you read my "Poppy McLain's adventures" story,then you'll know what they look like.

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Samantha Roberts I’m going to write paranormal,romance, and horror stories.Not for kids under 13.Have a good day.

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