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Being ghosts can get boring.Which is why William and Gabriel like scaring people.They get bored,so they scare others. All in good fun,of course! *From my “Town of Richardson” stories.

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Gabriel and William scare the bejesus out of teen girls because of bordeom

*These characters are from my stories “The town of Richardson” ,”The town of Richardson:part two” and “The town of Richardson:origin stories.” They are two teenage ghost friends named William and Gabriel.

Gabriel just sat in the circus tent,staring at nothing.

It was no fun being a clown ghost with a stitched up mouth.Especially since he lost his telepathy ability.

I mean,he could go to Heaven and be with his parents whenever he liked,but at that moment,he didn’t feel like going to Heaven.

The other ghosts were either at Heaven or in the circus.Maybe they were haunting their old homes,he didn’t care.

Heyyyyy!” A voice said behind him.

The next thing Gabriel knew,he was tackled to the ground.

Gabriel looked at the ghost who tackled him down.

It was his best friend,William,who was only thirteen,one year younger than him.

Even though William was 5’3 and Gabriel was 6’8,he could still somehow knock him down.

It was annoying.

“Aw,come on,don’t give me that look.I just want to be with my favorite person in the world.”

Gabriel raised an eyebrow in amusement and William jumped off him and cried out,flustered:

“No,it’s not like that! Ugh..”

He knew he’d have that reaction.Boy,teasing him sure was fun.

“Anyway,there’s some living teenage girls who are coming to this circus.They’re annoying.Want to go scare them together?” William asked.

Gabriel could have nodded and been his regular,polite self.

But right now he felt like being that one annoying friend and smacked his back twicereallyhard,to signify yes,so William screamed out:

“Okay,fine,yes! But don’t smack my back again,ithurts.Badly.Also,can I ask you why you’re being such a jerk right now?”

William shoved a piece of paper and a pen in Gabriel’s hand and he wrote it down:

If you’re bothered by how I’m acting then I’m sorry.I just wanted to be annoying.I’m also really bored..

“You know,that’s why we’re going to scare girls together! Come on!” William squealed happily.

Gabriel eagerly followed him out of the tent.


“Ugh,this place is so lame!”

“Why are we here anyway?”

“To find ghosts,duh! Maybe we’ll find the ringmaster and clown guys hanging out with each other-“

“HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” William screeched from behind the girls.

The three girls jumped back,frightened for their lives.

“You were saying about a ringmaster and clown dude? Yeah well,I’m William.Wanna go out to the ghostly prom with me?”

William proceeded to make sassy kissy faces at them while they just stared at him in disgust.

There was no “ghostly prom” of course.William made that up to fool them.

Sure enough,the girls cringed and screeched:

Eww…why would we go toanyprom with you? You’ve got these scars and everything-“

“Because I’m aghost,dummies! Of course I have scars,it’s from my death! But anyway,want to hear me sing? I have a beautiful singing voice!”

William knew he was a horrible singer.He knew it as he was singing to the mortified girls.

But that was part of his plan to annoy them.

“Gabriel,come out and provide some music! I found this accordion lying around and-“

Gabriel stepped out of the darkness with an accordion and started playing.The overwhelming sound of William’s singing voice and the loud accordion,on top of the appearance of Gabriel,made the girls scream and run away in fright.

Gabriel rolled his eyes at William as if to say:You thought that was funny?

William jokingly rolled his eyes back at him and responded with:

“Duh,of course it’s funny.Nowww…want to go…prank some ghost hunters?”

Gabriel nodded in excitement.

Even though his BFF was a little weird,he was still his BFF no matter what.

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(There are six pictures.The last three will show William & Gabriel as ghosts,with wounds from their deaths)

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Samantha Roberts I’m going to write paranormal,romance, and horror stories.Not for kids under 13.Have a good day.

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