Dot got attacked by a vampire and Kaima with Myaleka and Myleka decided to protect her

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A vampire attack

September 6th, 2050, Dot is sleeping in her bed peacefully, when a woman who has raven-like hair, wearing a dark outfit looking like an assassin, and she has purple eyes and sharp fangs.

Dot opens her eyes to see the vampire and jumps up.

“Back off, vampire”, said Dot, trying to look

“Harsh, I have a name”, replied a woman.

“I don't care, stay away from me”, Dot told The woman.

“Dot, are you okay?” Called a mysterious voice.

In a flash, Dot disappeared with the vampire.

Dot's mother and father has light red hair, wearing matching brown shirt, pants, and shoes. Her dad's name is William. Her mom's name is Sophia

Sophia opens the door.

William and Sophia says “Dot!”, sounding scared.

“I’ll call Kaima”, Sophia decided.

“I’ll check over the house”, said William.

In the cemetery, Dot is with the vampire.

“Let me go, you could have any human’s blood, why mine?” Dot asked the vampire.

“Because your blood has a sweet scent to it”, The vampire puts her finger on Dot’s chin, then bits Dot’s neck.

“Don’t kill her, Ima, remember”, A mysterious female reminds the vampire.

“Of course, I won’t”, Ima reassures the other vampire.

Ima was about to drop Dot.

Just at that moment, Kaima is comes at super speed, wearing a black cape, red jumpsuit, black gloves and red boots and catches Dot.

“Dot! Hold on! Dot!” Kaima calls Dot, looking worried.

Dot gasps and looks at Kaima.

“It's okay”, said Kaima.

Myaleka and Myleka are with Kaima

Myleka is wearing a black jumpsuit and Myleka is wearing a violet jumpsuit, both of their eyes are glowing along with their hands.

“Well, if it isn't Kaima and her daughters”, Ima smiles.

“What have you done to our friend?” Myaleka asked, looking angry.

“Don't worry, sweetie, I just took her blood”, Ima wipes some blood off her lip.

“You bit me”, Dot says weakly and with anger.

“You'll pay”, Myleka proclaimed with anger.

“Hold on!” replied Kaima, then her eyes glow .

Kaima looks inside and sees something glowing inside of Dot.

“Dot, you have something enchanting in your body and it's not your vampire side, but”, Kaima explained, then opens Dot's mouth and sees fangs. “That side is growing fast”.

“Then, my job is done”, Ima was about to fly away.

“Myleka!” Kaima called.

Myleka stops Ima with a gravity pull.

“Dang it!” Ima complained.

“You let me catch you way too easily, what are you up to?” Myleka analyzes.

Kaima sees an army of bats and says “We have company”

“You knew about Dot's hidden gem”, Kaima looks at Ima.

“I learned it from our boss, I'm sure you understand, traitor”, Ima revealed.

“Dracula asked me to do it and as for your little friend from the past, he was asking for it”, Kaima admitted.

“Yet, they both loved you, is that how you treat your loved ones betraying them?” Ima pointed out.

“You know nothing about our mother”, Myleka proclaimed, while glowing.

“The famous Kaima, killer of many, breaker of hearts, and disappeared for a while, then came back. Everybody knows about her”, Ima said, then laughs evilly.

“That was the past, I'm living a happy life with my family”, Kaima tells Ima.

“You mean with the family you abandoned for almost seven years, wait, more of six and a half”, Ima pointed out, then laughed evilly again.

“She came back and she was trying to save our planet”, Myaleka defends her mom.

“Don't listen to her”, Ben told Kaima.

“Yeah”, Mina agrees with Ben.

“What are you doing here?” Myaleka asks her dad and aunt.

“I smelled bats”, Mina told Myaleka.

The army of bats appear and turn into a group of vampires

“Hand her over”, A woman asks Myaleka.

“Gladly, if you stay away from Dot”, Myaleka r

“You threaten us?” The woman laughs.

“No”, replied Kaima, then turned into her butterfly form, still holding Dot. “We do”.

Mina shows off her fangs, tail, wearing a black jumpsuit and Ben is wearing his casual clothes with a sword.

“Yeah, so back off”, Mina tells the vampires.

“I can let her go anytime, think about what you say wisely”, Myaleka threatens The vampires.

“We will stay away from the girl”, The woman promised.

“But, the boss”, said Ima.

“She'll be more angry, if she finds out we ran into”, The woman tells Ima, then looks at Kaima. “Her”.

“I surrender”, Ima admits defeat.

“Myleka, let her go”, Kaima tells her daughter.

“Okay”, Myleka let go of Ima and her hands stop glowing.

Ima speeds to her vampire gang.

“The damage is done kid, soon you will be a part of us and will crave what we do. When that comes, call”, Ima looks at Dot, then disappears with her gang.

“What will happen?” Dot is crying. “Look at Kaima. “What?”

“If we had got here sooner”, said Myaleka.

“Don't lose hope”, Kaima tells Dot, as she hugs Dot. “You may be a vampire, but you aren't them”.

“But, what if I turn into them? What if I go after my friends?” Dot cries.

“That won't happen, because I will help you, we all will”, Kaima reassures Dot.

Dot hugs Kaima tightly.

“Let's take her home”, Kaima told Everyone.

“You do that, we'll scope out to see if more people get attacked”, Mina decides with Ben beside her.

“Good plan, remember to report”, Kaima told Mina and Ben, then disappeared with Dot.

“Be safe, aunt, dad”, Myleka waves goodbye, then disappears at quick speed.

“And don't lose any blood”, Myaleka disappears.

“We won't”, said Mina.

“Can we really figure out about this boss on our own?” Ben asked Mina.

“Not on our own, I know a special person to go to, follow me”, Mina told Ben.

“Got it”, Ben smiles.

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