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The house at the corner street on Meadow Street is said to be haunted. However, the owner thinks otherwise.

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The Corner Street house

Everyone in the neighborhood believes the corner street home is haunted. Many people claim to have witness paranormal encounters.

I say they are crazy. I've lived in this house for years and haven't seen anything strange happen. It's a perfectly normal home.

I should mention that the house had been rebuilt because of a fire incident. I have lived in both the old and new home, and I've seen nothing.

However, every roommate I've had in the new model house, moved out of the home within a couple months.

Not because they seen things but because of me.

They were mad that I kept turning off the lights. They hated the noise my footsteps made. They didnt like me turning on the tv. They didn't like me opening up cabinets to get something to eat. They didn't like me doing anything.

They didn't like me, saying that I was creepy and weird.

My last roommate ran out screaming, without even taking any of her things. What a strange person...

Many years have past and since then, the house has been on the market. No one wants to move into my home. Sooner or later they will evict me because I can't pay the bills. They want to tear down the place to build something over it.

Where would I go? This has been my home for as long as I could remember.

Sometimes, I wish my parents still lived with me. It gets lonely having no one around. But they left after hearing about the fire, it brought them to tears. I guess they didn't want to stay and wait for the new house to be rebuilt, knowing that everything they owned went up into flames. Maybe they wanted to be cautious because back then my mom had recently gave birth to my little sister. I haven't seen or heard from them for a very, very long time...

And since, I have nothing to do and have no one to hang out with, I just walk the halls and occasionally look out of my window. However, lately I have been looking out the window during the night or early morning because people act weird if they get a glance of me.

Century before,

Breaking news, today a fire broke loose on the corner street house on meadow street, Indiana,consuming everything in the house. Thankfully the firefighters got the flames undercontrolled before any of the nearby houses were also damaged.

However, the owners of the house, Caroline and Charlie, were not at home when the fire happened. They were at the hospital giving birth to their second child.

They should be celebrating the birth of their new child, instead they will be grieving the one they lost.

Yesterday, the day before the fire, the parents had left their son with their trustworthy babysitter.

The babysitter had been smoking a cigarette inside the house and forgot to shut it off before throwing it in the trash can and going to bed.

The fire supposedly grew in size from the trash can to the chairs and other nearby items.

Minutes maybe even hours past before the babysitter woke up to the notice the flames. She ran out the house to get help.

When help finally came the house had been burnt to a crisp, anything in the house would have been in ashes already.

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