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Kina and Jasmine’s tale

Dear Journal, Kina and Jasmine.

We're on a lovely honeymoon on a boat with the sun shining on us.

It's been very relaxing, but at the moment, we are passing by a bunch of flying creatures a.k.a. Wolfie and his children with Aria and Nia in a hand-controlled airplane.

They told us about how their adventures were going and we invited them to dinner.

The story starts with Kina and Jasmine entering their room.

"What a wonderful day", said Jasmine, laying on her bed.

"I agree, I never knew that I would want to be on a boat", said Kina.

"I did", Jasmine smirked. "I saw you looking at that brochure".

"I totally forget about that thing", said Kina.

"I didn't", said Jasmine. "Which is why we are here".

"That's great, but explain why you teleported me here?"asked Kaima.

"Well, I couldn't… I mean we couldn't leave in that house, just staring at that TV, so welcome to the lovely seas", said Jasmine. "So, please enjoy yourself".

"Fine, I'll go eat at the buffet", said Kaima.

"You know, you haven't gained a pound", Kina noticed.

"Probably because of my immorality", Kaima figured out.

"I hope that won't prevent the babies from being born", said Jasmine.

"I didn't think of that, Kina do you still have that crystal ball?" Kaima realized.

"Yeah, need to make a call?" smiled Kina.

"Yeah, a very important one", said Kaima.

Once Kaima touched it, her hand glowed along with the ball.

Kaima and the ball disappear in a void of nothingness.

"I can answer your question, but not in front of the humans and my power won't take effect until the day they are born, and I'm a different protector, that dragon", said the ball.

"Fine, I won't tell a soul", said Kaima.

"Good", said the voice.

So, for the trip Kaima doesn't tell Kina or Jasmine, all she says is she can't talk about it.

During her time of silence, Kaima does shuffleboard, watches magic shows, and laughs with some people she met on the boat.

Kina and Jasmine try to do stuff couples do like looking at the ocean, eating together, and dancing.

Kaima's glitches or flukes stop and she tries to see the powers she can use like flying, making aura she can turn into energy, and her strength.

Kina catches Kaima in the act and says "Try to be more careful with the strength, you're still a karate master, remember".

"Right", said Kaima. "You're not mad".

"Mad, no, and neither is Jasmine, she just doesn't know how to react", said Kina.

"You are always so honest, do you think I will be a good mother?" Kaima wondered.

"You will be the best mother I have known", said Kina.

"I agree", said Jasmine, coming out of her hiding place. "Because love and care for everybody, even the lowest people, you've met".

"Thanks, but I should be ready, just in case", said Kaima.

"Good idea, maybe we should make a special house, that prepares your babies for special situations", said Jasmine.

"That's crazy, but it could work", said Kaima.

Kaima speed dials Dr. Liama's idea.

Dr. Liama calls the building company that helped make the Greensdale Mansion.

In-between that Ben and Kaima along with Kina and Jasmine decide where the house should be built, and the house will be where they live.

The building company says 'it will be done in a couple of months most possibly after the twins are born or before'.

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