Kaima and two friends are having a time travel adventures. Will they go well

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The time travelers tale

Dear Journal, it's Aria, Kaima, and Dave.

We are in an alternate world, where there are kings, queens, princes, princesses, and knights.

So, basically, we're in medieval times, and not just any medieval time, it's the one with King Arthur.

Right now, we're about to meet him and ask him a few questions.

Why aren't we looking for a portal you ask, well Merlin told us that time doors don't open twice in one day; so we have to wait twenty-four hours.

The story starts with Kaima, Aria, and Dave meeting King Arthur, a man who has long brown hair, wearing a royal robe, and has a beard, and is sitting on his throne.

"Merlin, who are these people?" asked Arthur.

King Arthur looks at Kaima, and asks "What are you?"

"Excuse me, you're highness, I'm not what, I'm Kaima a.k.a. a super human or mutant, is what they call it in my timeline", Kaima tells King Arthur.

"A mutant? Timeline? Oh! You came through the time door, I'm sorry for my rudeness", said King Arthur.

"It's okay, besides I'm used to it", said Kaima.

"Excuse me, your highness, but I was wondering if I could check your castle and see if its wonders", Aria requested with a smile.

"Of course, I welcome any guest that comes by. Enjoy yourself", King Arthur agrees.

"Thank you, your highness", said Aria, then walked away with some guards that were keeping an eye on Aria, Kaima, and Dave to make sure they don't harm King Arthur.

'Arthur, I must take my leave, and I will be taking Kaima with me", said Melin, and teleports him and Kaima.

King Arthur looks at Dave, and asks "Is there anything you wish to do?"

"Uh… yes, your highness, would you know where a bakery is?" asked Dave.

"Of course, there's one in the village, one of my guards will show you", King Arthur smiled.

"Thank you, your highness", said Dave, with a smile, and followed a guard out of the throne room.

"A mutant? I wonder if she could?" asked King Arthur.

Kaima appears in Merlin's place filled with scrolls, paintings, and stuff from different decades.

Each item is something famous, which Kaima immediately recognized except a poster of a cartoon of her, and it's a movie poster.

The poster is up high on the wall close to a bookshelf and a clock.

"Please don't touch anything", Merlin tells Kaima, but Kaima was already flying by her poster, and sees her name on the poster along with the names Albert bluebood, and Emerald Qart.

This makes her smile with delight and scream "YES! YES! YES! I'm famous!" Kaima flies all over the room, then realizes the poster says the year 2037.

"That's not long from now, only three years", said Kaima.

Kaima, could you please focus? I have a request for you that could help you return to your friends sooner than you think", Merlin tells Kaima.

Kaima flies down, with her arms folded and has a serious face.

Merlin hands a scroll with red ink to Kaima, as Kaima reads it, letters come out and creates a bracelet that gets on the wrist of Kaima.

The bracelet makes a giant key appear opening the fabric of the universe and sucks Kaima in.

"Remember, find the egg and guard it with your life", Merlin told Kaima as the portal disappears.

Kaima is sent into a cave, where she lands on a bunch of rocks.

"Good thing, I'm impervious to pain otherwise that would've really hurt", said Kaima, then gets out.

Kaima felt a hot breath breathing down her neck.

"Sheesh. do… you..." As Kaima turns around to see an adult dragon. "Mind…."

The dragon growls in front of Kaima, then scratches her, which makes her hit a rock..

Kaima gets up faster, gets her claws out, runs to the dragon; and knocks it over, and scratches it a bunch of times.

The dragon was down, and scratched up, but that didn't stop the dragon.

The dragon glows, and takes a human-like form, then charges at Kaima once more.

Kaima puts a flow of blue energy around her, the dragon tries to use it fireballs, but Kaima freezes the dragon, the dragon has blood scratch marks, and a broken tail.

The dragon laughs, and says "That was an interesting fight, the best one in a long time".

"What does that mean?" asked Kaima.

"You win", said the dragon.

A golden egg beneath rocks appears in Kaima's hands.

The dragon gets up, still messed up.

"The power of immortality is yours and the guardian role of protecting this egg", said the dragon. "By the way, times work differently here, minutes turn into years, so good luck".

The dragon disappeared.

"Wait! What?" asked Kaima, but she didn't get her answer. "So, I'm stuck here protecting this egg. Merlin!"

The dragon goes to Aria, who's exploring the castle.

"What a wonderful place! A beauty", said Aria, while being followed by guards.

Aria observes all the paintings, when she sees the injured dragon

"Guards, I think I smell a fire in the jewelry room", said Aria.

The guards run off to the next hallway.

Aria uses hand gestures, which makes the dragon follow her to an abandoned room.

"What is a dragon like yourself doing here?" asked Aria.

The dragon puts Aria's hand on its chest, which heals its wounds.

"Whoa! I can heal", said Aria.

"Indeed, after all if it wasn't for experiments this world wouldn't have been seen", said the dragon.

"Awesome", said Aria. "Can you fly to the bakery?"

"Of course, I have to visit your last friend that came here with you", said the dragon.

The dragon flies out of the castle sneakily with Aria watching out for the guards and they head to the bakery.

Inside the bakery, Dave is talking to a woman who has curly pink hair, wearing a grass-like dress, and heels named Dash.

Dash and Dave laugh at each other.

"Looks like somebody is having fun", said Aria. "Speaking of that, where is Kaima?"

The dragon pats Aria's head, and says "Merlin sent your friend on a mission to guard a golden egg that holds the power of immortality and if she fails, she will die".

"What? Why would you leave her?" asked Aria.

"Once she has defended me, I must leave the cave or a darkness door inside the cave wall will destroy me and what use would I be to her, then", the dragon revealed.

'I guess you wouldn't be very useful, but Merlin told her, tell me he did", said Aria.

"I'm afraid not", said the dragon.

"I guess, I'll have to tell Kaima's family once I get back along with Dave", said Aria.

"Also, minutes turn into years", The dragon tells Aria.

"What! Do you know how many minutes are in a day? Then, it turns into hours, and she was supposed to be gone for 2 years. Who knows how long it will feel for her. Probably over Aria figured out. "What will she eat? How will she sleep? Caves aren't exactly comfortable".

"Calm down, remember tum this human isn't like other humans, she is ready and has the powers for any situation", The dragon reassures Aria.

"You're probably right, it's just I can't help, but feel guilty for causing this trouble. I wanted to send the meteor to space it wasn't supposed to either and wanted to bring fiction to life, I hoped no trouble would come", said Aria.

"But, in the end I screwed it all up and now Kaima's family and possibly the world will never forgive me", said Aria, while crying.

Unknowingly to Aria, Dave waits outside and hugs Aria, giving her a fright.

"It's okay, we will find a solution", said Dave.

Aria continues to cry.

Once they got back home, in person Aria talks to Kaima's family about what happened and broadcasts to the world of her actions that caused a disaster and the world leaders were able to come to a compromise.

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