Madelyn Hillman

Two twins fall into an unknown world and go on an adventure as they try to find their way home.

Fantaisie Fantaisie sombre Tout public. © Colfer, Chris, and Brandon Dorman. The Land of Stories. Vol. 1, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2015. My book is based off of this series

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Chapter 1

In Manhattan, New York at Willow Creek Public school, there were a pair of twins named Elle and Noah Pauletti. Elle was 10 with long brown hair and blue eyes with dimples but despite her pretty looks she had a very passionate love for books and learning of all kinds while the other half of the set, Noah was an adventurous jokester who was amazing at making people laugh. though Noah looked like his sister besides having no dimples he hated learning and would often fall asleep in class and earn himself detention. their mother Charlotte had been raising them as a single mom ever since their dad John Bailey had died in a car crash when they were five. Right now they were both in third period history class. Noah was already snoring with his feet up on his desk, Elle on the other hand was bouncing up and down with her hand in the air because she had the answer to the question the teacher had previously asked. The question was "what is magic?". when Elle was called on to answer the question she said "magic is just what people call unexpected events that occured that they cannot explain." as always Elle was correct but then the teacher, Miss Allison asked Elle, "do you believe in magic? And is magic real?". Elle honestly had no opinion on whether magic was real or not so she just said "no one knows if magic is real but some people believe while others do not." but she and her brother had no idea what was gonna happen to them when they got home from school that day. Elle and Noah's next class was English language arts, one of Elle's favorite subjects but it was also their last class before they went home for the day or more like the week Elle of course went right to her desk and got her notebook and pencil so she could get started right away but Noah walked around the classroom twice before going to his desk. As soon as Noah sat down without even bothering to get out his notebook he put his head down and went to sleep. Their language arts teacher Miss Fox told the class minus Noah of course that they were going to get into groups of four and each group would have to write and perform a play of their own creations and that they would have two weeks excluding today to finish it all. Their task for the day was to get into their groups and to bounce ideas off of each other. Elle was so excited that she jumped up and down in her seat with excitement. The person sitting across from Noah woke him up and told him what was happening. Noah looked very very bored with that idea but he cooperated with what they were doing just so he could get home quicker. After class is over, Elle and Noah went to get their bikes from the bike rack. When they got into their driveway they saw that their Nonna had come for a visit so they ran inside and put their backpacks on the hooks before running into the kitchen to find Nonna putting bags full of food and other necessities into the fridge. When they ran into the kitchen Nonna dropped a container of feta cheese and said "goodness you startled me for good timing, I have a present for you." as kids always do ELLE and Noah got super excited when they heard that they were gonna be getting a present but their Nonna told them that they would have to wait until after dinner. both of them rushed through their dinners and we're waiting impatiently for their Nonna to finish, when Nonna finally finished, Elle and Noah followed her into to the living room. Nonna picked up a wrapped present from the coffee table and handed it to them. they ripped off the wrapping paper and opened the box, inside of it was an ancient looking book titled The World of Unknown Magic. Elle of course got super excited seeing as she was a bookworm but Noah on the other hand just groaned with disappointment seeing as he hated to read. just a City they were getting ready to open The book their mom walked in the door and they ran to greet her excited to tell her about their day at school and with Nonna. After telling Charlotte all about their day, the twins headed upstairs to brush their teeth and put on their PJs before bed. Later on that night, they opened the book because they wanted to read it before they fell asleep, but when they leaned in to read what was on the first page they tumbled into the book landing feetfirst in a meadow filled with lily-of-the-valley.

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