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Mercury is stuck between a rock and a hard place when she finds herself falling inlove with the enemy. it's a beautiful twist of love, drugs and suspense while danger is all part of the ride.

Thriller/Mystère Tout public.

#men #thirsty #for #money # #sex #and #drugs #let's #discover #uncover #all #their #hidden #agendas
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Chapter 1

Her Skin Immaculate like a fully dressed painting, the dress hugged her perfectly like it was tailor designed for her.

" You look beautiful" echoed MacGyver's voice sending strings of happiness that stung Mercury's heart, she turned to take her hair brush and murmured a thank you. Her hair fell perfectly as if it was choreographed to fall to it's knees and worship it's beauty, With a touch of red lipstick and an eye liner here and there completed her look. She walked slowly and elegantly and stopped at her reflection to worship her beauty for the last time before heading to the door.

"Hurry up MacGyver we will be late" She said.

Still fixing his tie silencing the urge to pounce on this melanin dripping goddess before his eyes, he sometimes forgot that they are good friends and let his mind run with wild imaginations. Swallowing gallons of his half spiked saliva, Mixture of brandy and his most expensive cologne painted him rich he thought as he took Mercury's hand that was as cold as the devil's whisper , her hand tensed still calculating the depth of their friendship ,she let loose.

"This place looks expensive" praised Mercury as she could almost taste the money hanging from each person in room. Not even once did her tongue have the urge to dive into the taste of death that was hanging in the corners of the room. "it is quite expensive nothing a man like me wouldn't handle" said MacGyver as he cringed at his own voice for saying expensive because he knew what it took to survive in the streets of the rich. Blood , Money and Sacrifice. " Grab a drink or something i'll be back" looking like money himself drenched in windows of death MacGyver walked away leaving Mercury in miscalculated fear and doubt of embarrassing herself in such a classified place for cold blooded men.

"Do you have what i asked you to bring and who is that Aphrodite you came with?" Still calculating his words he glanced at Mercury who was obviously feeling out of place in a decaying body of confusion. Trying so hard not to choke on his words " She's a friend, a good friend of mine. And worry not Xavier everything is in order."

" Good hand everything over to john and make sure everything goes accordingly tonight, no hiccups. I hope the packaging was done correctly this time" adjusting his mask he took a few steps and looked at MacGyver strong with death in his eyes " The Aphrodite you came with i like her, make sure she joins the team"

Swallowing the pit of doubt that he painted in the walls of his veins, his mind ran dizzy with the thought of seeing Mercury as a prostitute and a drug peddler. His mind went dull with the brandy he had earlier, the picture was poison to his feelings. Not sure if the brandy was still asleep in his body that it woke up a sense of bravery "She can not join us Xavier, she is not strong enough" Adjusting to the sound of his confused heart beat , MacGyver looked at his palms as the brandy departed from the walls of his system. Alarmed by fear he looked into the eyes of death himself, his face he has never seen.

He worked with him for years but still he was unable to make a face from his eyes, Xavier always wore a mask. So it was difficult for him to challenge such a man, a man with a hidden identity. " They all learn too soon MacGyver, i want her in" his voice so deep yet demanding reminding MacGyver that he was nothing but a servant to the man before his eyes.

There was nothing he could do now Xavier saw the woman after his heart, there was no use fighting it. She was going to join the team whether he approved it or not. it was all too late , Only if Mercury had listened when MacGyver told her to stay home for her own safety but she didn't, she insisted on coming with. She would have been safe, safe from the devil's claw, safe from death himself but it was too late now she had a dance with the devil...

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