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This is the 65th anniversary of reptilia science laboratory. in this lab scientists reptiles have successfully created a machine that can travel throug universe in search of new species because from the creation of the planet repetila there are only reptiles and they eat each other for survival. but this leads to conflict Between iguana's and crocodile.because crocodile want to occupy the government and current government Komodo Inc didn't like the idea and they ordered iguana to create a machine that can open the acces to other dimensions . during test they were able to unlock a portal to a new dimension and they are shocked to see new creatures they are mammals and the the kingbof mammals is lion 🦁 they tried to make a contact with lion but they got killed by the fastest animal cheetah. some iguana's manage to escape and reached home.they are scared and they almost fainted because of cheetah attack.so reptilia formed a formed a army of king cobras and pythons to attack.they are teleported to the new universe first they hide themselves in a bush and started laying eggs to develop their species on the planet after laying eggs they decided that they will hunt a cheetah and they will bring the cheetah to their dimension. at night a small cheetah is on duty for patrolling.suudenly a cobra sprayed his venom in cheetah eyes. he got blinded due to attack and 2 python's climbed his neck and wrapped around his neck and he died due to suffocation and he was then taken to lab and reasearch was done ✅

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