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once upon a time there lived cockroach named kikaroach living in arthropoda universe. he was the only surviver of American cockroach species . American cockroach species were the most prestigious species of cockroach at one time. but in war of arthropods and amphibians their species almost got killed by a group of bull frog .but kikaroach managed to survived.during fight he Buried himself in a dead frog after fight when he stepped out of carcass he saw that all cockroach are killed at that time he was young and helpless he was scared to see his parents eaten by group of bull frogs. he was later rescued by Soldier ants he was sent to a orphanage . but he was depressed due to bull frog attack so he decided to join program aip(arthropoda immortality project) in which scientists insects are experimenting on test subjects to gain immorality. after joining he was invited to laboratory in lab there is a special pollen kept inside the jar. it was a mixture of cockroach dna and axolt dna combined forming a new chemical equation written as ax+ck+pollen it gives insects immortality and regeneration power he was the first to try it. scientists carefully takes out the chemical and and gave it to kikaroach.he slurped the chemical in one shot after that he started to have nausea and passed out . after two hours he woked up by a scientist. then he took a look on his body. his body is tough as rock and was able to regenerate from a single cell of kikaroach

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