Larry Shelton

Poetry written by myself. I've been writing poetry since I was 11. I enjoy writing poetry on lots of different things. My hopes are that I can inspire and give inspiration to other writers.

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Miss you mom

You lived a simple life

Never asking much from anyone

Your heart was as big as the ocean

Your smile as bright as the sun

You had a rough life

But you always kept going

Even when you didn't feel good

The hurt was never showing

You gave me hope

You gave me inspiration

You were my strongest link

Without any hesitation

I miss our morning coffees

I miss our conversations

I miss the silly talks we had

I was always grateful for the invitation

Hard to believe

It's been almost a year has passed away

No longer are you hurting,no suffering

You're in heaven past the pearly gates

I get sad when I think about you

But I must be strong

You're an angel in heaven

And I must carry on

©Joey Shelton

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Paz Lopez Paz Lopez
It is hard, but it gets better!
July 25, 2023, 01:45

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