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The story of Cali and Alej Pérez, a mixed race couple in the 27th century living on a deep space station.

Science fiction Tout public.

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Meet The Pérezes

Calista, aka Cali, and Alejandro Pérez, Alej for short, were a loving mixed race couple. Calista was a human from Jorash and Alejandro was a Pangeran.

Both were 28 and had been divorced when they met in a coffeeshop on Jorash.

She worked as an esthetician in an eyebrow threading/waxing salon conveniently located in a megamart. Alejandro was a pilot and flight instructor at Federation Directorate Flight Academy's Jorash campus, teaching Advanced Alien Flight Procedures.

Alej was a tall, tanned muscular man, with slightly long wavy black hair and a thick accent similar to Terrans who had inhabited the ancient country of Spain centuries before.

He had facial markings shaped like swirls framing his face, and continuing 3 rows across down the outsides of his neck to his shoulder blades.

The markings also went down over the outside of his chest, crisscrossed over his abdomen, then went down the outsides of his arms and legs all the way to his smallest fingers and toes.

He had a chestful of hair and neatly-edged ridges that lay flat on the bridge of his nose.

She was slender but curvy, quite buxom, barely five feet tall, with reddish blonde hair that came down past her shoulders almost to the center of her back.

They got along beautifully, found out they had alot in common, and started dating.

One evening while he was visiting her, a tornado went through the area, destroying the apartment building she lived in. They took refuge in her tub.

They had a few close calls that night, and committed themselves to each other. They were injured and his pod ended up in a tree.

The next day they returned to her building to assess the damage after being released from the emergency room. They retrieved what they could from her apartment, and she moved in with him that day.

They'd married soon afterwards. Two years later he was transferred to a space station closer to his home planet.

He had a strained relationship with his family, especially his parents. They didn't like that he'd be living among humans.

Needless to say he hadn't told them about his marriage. He hadn't been back to his home planet for 5 years.


Three months had gone by since they'd moved to their new home. They thoroughly enjoyed living on the station.

Alejandro's sister's wedding was three weeks away. He'd been so busy with work that he hadn't had the time to send his parents a stream yet telling them about the move or that he'd remarried.

In reality, he reminded himself, he just hadn't taken the time to send a stream. This was the day he was finally going to do that, he decided.

He needed to know their reaction to his remarriage in order to know if he should ship the gifts to her, if she even wanted them there because of who he'd married, or if he and Cali should bring them to the wedding.

A part of him was worried what their reaction would be and, if he was being truly honest with himself, he'd admit that there was a part of him that was afraid to tell them in case their reaction was much worse than he imagined it would be.

The wedding invitation had been sent to him 3 months ago, shortly before he and Cali had moved, but he'd been too busy to tell her if he was going to be there or not.

He was deciding if he should send a live stream or a video stream where they could watch it at their convenience if they were too busy at the moment.

Doing a video stream, he could send it to members of his family individually.

They wouldn't have to all be there at once, as he'd prefer them to be for a regular live stream. He was truly torn about what to do.

Cali asked him if he'd delayed telling his family about her because he was ashamed of or embarrassed by her. He assured her that was not the case. He loved her no matter what.

Eventually, after alot of thought, he decided to send a message to his parents to see when it would be convenient for them to get together with him for a live stream.

He told them it was important and that it might be best if they were the only family members there for the stream. While he waited to hear back from his parents he decided to play a video game.

Cali stood by the kitchen entrance watching him.

Eventually, after taking another sip from her glass of iced tea, she brought her glass into the Gathering Room and sat down at the other end of the couch from where he was sitting.

She picked up her needlework and started sewing. She was making a set of throw blankets for their Gathering Room chairs.

After awhile there was a beep on the large-screen. He paused the game, then picked up the remote and clicked on the notification that appeared on the screen.

The notification originated from an account on Pangere belonging to a Pedro Pérez. The message was in Pangeran and he translated for her.

"Basically, they miss me terribly. Also, they're available in about 45 minutes for a live stream.", he said.

"Do you think they'll be angry with you or disown you for marrying me?", Cali asked.

He took her hands in his.

"I doubt they'll do anything like that.

"I'm sure they will be disappointed, but they'll eventually get over it. I could be wrong though. Anything can happen.", Alejandro said reassuringly.

Around 45 minutes later there was a beep on the large-screen. Alejandro took a deep breath, picked up the remote and clicked Accept.

She sat quietly on the other side of the couch doing her needlework, not wanting to draw attention to herself in case his parents became furious with him for marrying her.

The conversation was in Pangeran. He planned on asking them to speak Terran once he'd told them about Cali. When the live stream began, the conversation between Alejandro and his parents was jovial and loving, from what Cali could tell since she didn't speak Pangeran.

Eventually she heard and understood the word "Terran" and assumed he'd asked them to speak in her language because he was about to tell them about having married her.

The conversation continued on for several more minutes in Pangeran, nowhere nearly as jovial and loving as it had been, at times quite subdued and sullen compared to the beginning of their conversation.

Eventually there was loud crying from his mother, his father handing her a tissue to wipe her eyes, while Alejandro remained as calm as possible.

From what she could tell, it looked as if he was trying to console his mother. She heard him say her name, and he looked over in Cali's direction.

He looked back at the large-screen and said, in a mix of Pangeran and Terran this time,

"Please, let me introduce you to her. If you don't want to accept her or our marriage, if you don't want her in your home, even if you don't want us in your home, I understand but, please, let me at least introduce my wife, your new daughter-in-law, to you.

“It'd mean so much to me. Por favor. Me encanta ella. Please."

His father said, sorrowfully, "Alej..."

In Terran, Señora Pérez, still crying, said,

"Alej, this is so very hard for us. Can you understand that? She's human!"

He replied,

"Madre, you know I'd never deliberately hurt you. And I didn't marry her out of spite or to hurt you and Padre, nor did I marry her to hurt the family. I married Cali because I love her, just like you married Padre because you love him.

”Neither of us planned on falling in love. It just happened! If you'd let me introduce her to you and maybe even try to get to know her, I know you'd like her!

“Please. Just let me introduce her to you both, por favor.

"Please.", Alejandro said once again, pleading.

Señor Pérez looked at his son.

"Alej...", he said again, sighing. He then looked at his wife and said, "Elsbeta, what harm would it do to just let him introduce this human woman to us?

“At least, if nothing else, we can see the woman who's made our Alej happy and has brought love back into his life. What would be so wrong about just doing that for our Alej? He's our son, mi amor!

”No matter what, no matter who he's married to, no matter what race she is, he's still our Alej. Nothing can, nor ever will, change that, mi amor."

Señora Pérez wiped her eyes and sighed.

"Alej," she said, "te amo. Mamasita te amo."

He replied, "I love you too, Mamasita. Please, just meet her. Let me introduce her to you. That's all I ask. Please."

Señor Pérez finally said,

"I'd like to meet her. Elsbeta? He just wants us to meet her, to introduce her to us. That's all."

She replied, "Alright, Alej. It doesn't mean we accept her or the marriage, but I can do that much for you. I'm willing to meet this human wife of yours. We'll talk to her, BUT...I don't want to see her!“

Relieved, he replied, "¡Muchas gracias, Madre y Padre!", then said,

"Madre, Padre, I'd like you to meet my wife, Cali. Cali, I'd like you to meet my parents, Señor and Señora Pérez."

Cali said from offscreen,

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Señor and Señora Pérez."

Señor Pérez said, "It's nice to meet you, Cali."

Senora Pérez said, "Hello, Cali."

"Cali made Esperanza and Pedro some personalized wedding gifts. Do you think they'll want me to ship the gifts to them or do you think they won't want the gifts at all since I'm married to Cali?“, Alejandro asked.

"I'm not sure.", Señora Pérez said. "You'll have to message her and see what she says."

"I'll do that right away. Thank you for being willing to meet Cali. I appreciate it more than I can say. I just hope that one day you'll want to get to know her, but I'll understand if you don't.", Alejandro replied.

"It's been an honor to meet you, Señor and Señora Pérez.", Cali said from offscreen.

The stream ended on a somewhat cordial note a few minutes later. His parents, while not hating her, were still heartbroken and quite disappointed in him for his choice of a wife.

They did promise to try to overcome their objections though, and specifically wanted them to know that they did not hate Cali.

They were welcome at the wedding as long as it was ok with his sister. They promised they would cause absolutely no drama if he and Cali attended.

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