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Origin stories of my “Clown under the bed!” characters. These stories are dark and will have people dying. Please be careful with reading.

Fantaisie Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Philippa’s story

*There will be $u!c!d3 in this story.If you wish to not read this,stop now.*

In the 90s,there was a sad and lost young girl named Philippa.She was sixteen years old.She had crimson eyes,curly hair,dark skin and stood at six feet tall.

Her family loved her dearly,but,she still felt lost.

Philippa was normally very introverted,unless it came to performing in a clown costume for her family's circus.She performed as "The ridiculous 13th." Ridiculous,because clowns are supposed to be ridiculous and 13th,because she was the 13th person to perform as a clown at her family's circus.

She didn't enjoy doing it,because a bunch of ungrateful children would always throw fits and temper tantrums around her when she was in costume.Some even had the audacity to talk sassy with her and throw things at her.It didn't help that people from her school that she recognized saw her and called her all sorts of embarrassing names.

But,she did it so her family could have money and that was enough reason.

She's been doing this since she was fourteen.The insults and ridicule should have been numb to her by now,but no,they still stung.

There was this one person in Philippa's life who was important to her.Her name was Jennifer.Jennifer was one year younger than her and her best friend since they merely were twelve and eleven. Jennifer was the only one who didn't laugh at her or treat like anything less.

Later in life,Jennifer grew into something more than a friend.

Philippa wasn't sure if calling Jennifer her girlfriend was the right thing to call her.Yes,she was in a relationship with her,but she was even more than a girlfriend to her.

But they were always there for each other,no matter what.

This story should end in happiness,correct? Philippa had Jennifer and that was the most important and beautiful thing.They should have lived happily ever after,right?

If only that was the case.You see,Jennifer and her family died in a tragic car crash.It was all over the news.

Now,Philippa was even more defeated in life.The most important person in her life was dead.What was she supposed to do now?!

Her mother and father wouldn't understand.They'd tell her to get over it.Her older brother,Conrad,might understand,but he had his own problems to deal with.He was an adult,after all.Besides,she couldn't just call him when he could be busy with other things.Her little sister,Lily,was WAY TOO YOUNG to talk to.She was only four.

Philippa sighed.

If only Jennifer were here.She thought wistfully.

Philippa decided to shove her feelings deep into her heart and smile and pretend like everything was fine.After all,she still had her family business to think about and nothing was more important than that.

Philippa was like this for a few months,until she met someone else.


A young,blond haired girl around her age.Violet was nice to her and they became friends.Soon,they were more than friends and started dating.

Violet was a good person,but she could never quite fill the void Jennifer left in her heart.No one could.

Sometimes,Violet would bring up Jennifer to her,asking her why Philippa didn't just end her life and join her.She said she wanted the best for her and that she seemed to love Jennifer a lot.

Violet said a lot of these weird things to her,but Philippa didn't stop her.Violet meant well.Maybe she was right...

Life went fine for Philippa.She had Violet to talk to.

That is,until she didn't have Violet to talk to.

Violet became deathly sick with cholera.She had to be taken to the hospital.It was there that she had died.

Philippa was so distraught.First Jennifer,now Violet?! Now what?! Who was next,her little sister,Lily?!

Philippa couldn't take it anymore.She couldn't live and watch people she loved die,one by one.

No one would miss Philippa.Well,maybe her siblings would.But Conrad was an adult and he'd get through it.Conrad could

also comfort Lily.They would have each other.

When Philippa arrived home,before anyone else,she went to the kitchen,grabbed a bottle of kitchen detergent,put in a glass of water and drank it.


Philippa woke up hearing sirens and a little girl crying.

"What happened to her,Mommy? Is she sleeping?" The little girl asked.

Suddenly,with a jolt,she realized that it was Lily!

She opened her mouth to tell her sister that was very much awake and then proceed to chase her around the house,but then,she remembered that she was dead.

"Step away from Philippa.We're going to take her." A stern voice said.A police officer.They were there to take her body away.

Philippa felt nothing but an overwhelming sadness for what she had done.She wished,so desperately,that she could take it back and be with her family again.It was such a stupid and reckless decision.But it didn't seem stupid and reckless at the time.

Then,there was a stifling darkness.


Philippa woke up in her house,standing in front of the bathroom mirror,wearing her clown costume and clown makeup.

"What?" Philippa asked herself.She was confused.

She tried taking it off,but she couldn't.

She looked around the house to search for her family,but no one was there.

Philippa concluded that after some time in the afterlife,the universe decided to punish her and have her wear the very clown costume she hated.Not only that,but she was a ghost haunting this house,her house.

Philippa looked at a calendar on the wall,to check the year,maybe something could make sense out of all this:


"2013?! It was 1993 the last time I was alive! I have been dead for decades!" Philippa yelled.Her family was probably long gone by now.

Sure enough,when the front door of the house opened,a family she had never seen before in her life walked in the house.It was their house now.

Philippa sighed.Why did the world have to be so cruel to her?

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