Bishop Isaiah

This short story was based on Abraham and Sarah and this is for the Youth of this organization of the United congregational Baptist Church of reality Sancti Baptistae. ⚓️ Glory be to the father unto the son unto the Holy Spirit the Creator the begotten and helper.

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Father Of Many Nations


I Bishop Isaiah M Morris The leader And Founder GodFather Of The United Congregational Baptist (Church Of Reality) [Sancti Baptistae]. Write's this book for the youth of Sancti Baptistae (UCB COR). To give understanding about God alone & the Two. The only Begotten, The Helper. Amen!


The Sancti Baptistae children Book is for all people of all nations and tongues.

The Book Of only One section.


Section 1

Abraham's & Sarah

As Abraham was sitting

outside his tent one day,

he saw some strangers walking

at a distance far away.

As the visitors approached him

he invited them to stay,

and he hurried to tell Sarah

to make supper right away.

While the messengers were eating

they conversed throughout the meal.

Then the purpose of their visit

they finally did reveal.

“We’ve been sent by God to tell you

the news that you will hear.

You will have a little baby,

a boy, this time next year.”

Now Abraham and Sarah

were too old to have a child.

When they heard the angel’s message

they thought the news was wild!

Sarah laughed and didn’t believe it,

but the traveler said, “It’s true!

God has promised you a nation.

There is nothing God can’t do.”

Of course, God kept His promise

and sent the couple their own son.

They named the baby Isaac,

God’s gift, the special one.


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