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Perdita Jones didn’t expect to be kidnapped by Thorne Avenal,a fearsome criminal.. ..Who is also an enchanting vampire. Oh boy,what’s next? They’ll be falling in love?

Paranormal Vampires Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

#romance #fantasy #adventure #criminal #action #forbidden #amazing #Vampire
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Chapter One

Once upon a time,in a house that looked like every other house on the street,was a lovely sixteen year old girl named Perdita.Perdita was a kind girl who loved her family and people and helping others,BUT she also lived in the most boring street on the planet and nothing exciting ever happened,unless you count the time when it was Black Friday.

Perdita sighed and continued writing in her journal.Oh,how wonderful it would be to converse with a vampire and dance with corpses! How marvelous! How wonderful! How..

Perdita...don't fall asleep again..She thought in her head.

But her eyelids got heavy and her body slipped off the window seat...

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