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Where can one really begin with, all the trauma she'd been through. Honestly it's about more than just her. Split self into two the good, the bad, the wrong and the right. Brought up in hell, but always seen the light she was taught and learned along the journey in and out of hell or what seemed to be hell on earth. Still find myself slipping back into the inferno. Must make it, that's what She tells herself every time the door opens. They died from being ​frozen to death by the icy words I spoke. GLARING INTO THE MIRROR You make me feel both cold,warm,dreamy , dead, alive, weak, strong, you inspire me to believe in... what I cannot see You know me both ways and you're still by myside,which is why I love The other side of me TO THE READER Have you anytime felt the exceptional unexplainable tendency jerking, take command over the genuine presence? Exhaustion managed hardship secret driving forces In circulation of the body The motions indistinct Unfocused yet prayed upon Delicate approach Can be mixed up Abused Misconstrued Shortcoming is the perceived yet erroneous Indeed stated Factually sedated A truth that must be faced as if it were not, or at least with a great deal more dignity than it deserved I am aware that there is no way to fully grasp what has happened in a moment. This might sound contradictory, but my heart tells me that it was inevitable and perhaps I should have anticipated this outcome when things first started falling apart. There are certain events which, for better or worse, will always happen regardless of any actions we take at the present time; such as the death or the demise of someone we love. We can't change that now. But our inability to accept the fact that life doesn’t always go smoothly can sometimes lead us down a path that leads us into the unknown, the unknown that can only exist where there exists hope and peace. Hope, for a person like myself, means hope that there will be an end to this madness. Not necessarily a happy one, of course. It might seem too simple to wish for something so grandiose, yet, at its core, it's all we want. And the idea of something being impossible does nothing but serve as a reminder of how far out of our reach it really is. It's a painful thought, especially since I cannot help but think about the fact that this could well be it. The last straw, the final push, the turning point that would send me careening down a dangerous path I did not realize I had taken. I'VE BEEN WATCHING IT ALL HAPPEN! I'm sick to my stomach and tired all at the same time. All I want to do is sleep for years on end, preferably forever. To escape everything that is happening now and come back to it all another day later. A long night of sleep, a full breakfast, and a long day in general would be perfect at times like these. Unfortunately, there is no way out. This isn't an episode of Twilight or anything else like that. I mean, sure, it could be described as something like that—in a slightly different context, with a slightly different premise—but this is reality, and no matter what kind of twist you try and put on it it won't ever really change anything. No amount of denial is going to keep you from seeing your family slowly fading away, watching as they fade into oblivion one after another until none remains. In reality, this is real, and this is the end of days. There is nothing we can do to prevent the inevitable; no magic

Romance Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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I'm sure he'd take a

moment to

reconsider what he

had done before

she shot him and

what he continued to say

till the clip was

empty if he knew

she was going to

kill him with his

own gun, maybe

he'd plot The ideal

escape path.

The pounding

inside her skull felt

like a stampeed

anyone closely by

enough to her could

hear the pounding if

anyone stop long

enough to care

butno one did

everyone was to

busy to protect

herfrom harm and

although she felt

fearless she had

hidden pain nothing

up for a discussion.

She may

have hadenough

inside bottled

up,to do this at the dinner table in the dreadful house, she called home, In the eyes of everyone

witnessing the blood pouring from his dying body and the

holes in his flesh where he had left years-old wounds, she felt love till the very

end, when he taken his last)) breath she knew it was finally over nobone would take her too her knees in the middle of the night and make her gag on his penis no one would try to put fingers inside of her and more important no one would torment her little sister again and we'll here we go again her screaming broke the trance like gaze I she was deep into What's the fuss about? Everything was for the better, at least that's what She had in her mind, goose bumps cover .you flesh and I worn a smile so big and genuine

that juvenile hall jail cell couldn't take away how free I finally felt.

harsh conversation with the devil. As soon as she saw him everyday a thought kept repeating in her head how liberating that

would be.Three years passed before she reconsidered the devil's

proposition. If she was aware that killing him would not alleviate the suffering or the shame, embarrassment, or

degrading, but would instead result in more irrational emotions and circumstances, she She might have

changed her mind or continued with her original plan, hoping that another day would pass as she endured

torment and waited to see how karma would return him.

She cocked it back and popped it till there was no longer a thunderous sound because she was so

confident that she knew exactly what she was doing that she felt both relieved and afraid at the same time.

She only knew that she was about to get into further trouble, and nobody could stop it, make it go away, or undo ít how

many people need to die before she gets to the happiness

like the happy lucky kids at school?

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Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
Absolutely amazing writing. I really felt every word. Its deep and very heartfelt.
October 20, 2022, 06:06

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