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Elizabeth and Lilliana are just two teens in the Wild West,living life to the fullest. When a vampire crosses into their lives,they’ll realize that they might not have time to do what they want.They’ll be too busy trying to save the world..

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Part One

"So who do you bet your money on? The skinny little guy with the spotted horse? Or the weird brawny dude with the mosquito bitten horse?" asked Lilliana,my friend.Although I kind of liked her....

We were gambling on which cowboy would win the race. I studied them so carefully that my eyeballs almost ruptured. People would laugh whenever they saw sixteen year old gals gambling,but we ignored them.

Life is just too short to sit around.

"I'm putting my money on the little one. That mosquito-bitten horse will pass out under the pressure." I handed her the money and waited for the race to begin. As I was waiting,a boy about my age walked up to us.

"You're sitting in my seat." He growled.

"No,you're just a bad gambler.I f you hadn't lost those bets,then you would've been sittin' here. Now,leave me alone." I answered calmly.

"GIT UP OR I'LL MAKE YOU!" He pointed a gun at us.

We were a little scared,but we had guns of our own to protect ourselves. We reached in the folds of our skirts for the loaded pistols. But,to our surprise,we ran out.

I tried not to panic.Lilliana looked worried for me.

But that's when a mysterious boy with the hat pulled low over his face walked in.

Then Lilliana got this stormy look in her eyes.

He grabbed the boy and dragged him outside. I didn't see what happened next,but I heard a lot of screaming and a lot of slurping at the same time.It sounded like someone,or something,was drinking the boy who tried to kill us.

But that's impossible.

Soon after,the mysterious person was pursued by people,shouting:"HE'S AN OUTLAW! A DEMON!"

"Who is that boy who saved us?" I asked Lilliana.

"No one,Elizabeth." Lilliana answered harshly.

"He's not no one!" I yelled.

"You're right,he isn't no one. He's asixteen year old outlaw."

"We're sixteen year old gamblers,and look at us. We have a good life and a good family." I said to her.

"We also have guns." She said.

"We use them to defend ourselves." I answered,annoyed.

"I'm going to follow him." Then I got up from my chair and made for the door.


I followed the tracks that the boy had left.They led into a forest.

Hmm...Now that's strange, because there is no forest in the desert. At least,there wasn't before.

Something was off. I continued in the forest,Lilliana behind me .A forest here wasn't the first strange thing in my life.Another strange thing was Lilliana.

Ever since we've gotten older,she started blushing when I walked in a room. Also,she got a little too protective of me. What's more,every time we sat next to each other,she'd look away,blushing.

It's like she thinks we're something more.Wait,that's impossible.She couldn't love me.


But I wasn't about to think about that now. I was going to find the boy and speak to him.

We both walked smack in the middle of a tree. But to our surprise,the tree broke in half and a boy came out.

"Where is he?" He asked in a low voice.

"Where is who?"We asked,confused.

"The outlaw who is my brother."

"You mean that mysterious boy who saved us?" I gushed,heart beating.Lilliana just looked at me sadly.

Why does she care so much? Wait,what's happening to me?I thought,worried.

"That boy is my stupid brother .I cursed him to be who he is. I did this because he ALWAYS was a goodie-two shoes. Well,WE'LL SEE WHO'S A GOODIE-TWO SHOES NOW,LITTLE BROTHER!" The stranger yelled.

"Umm...where is he? Also,why is there a forest? And why did you come out of that tree? Oh,and please tell me your name because if we are going to listen to you,then you should at least tell us your name. My name is Elizabeth,and this is my friend,Lilliana." I said,pointing at me and Lilliana.

"My name is Foolshish Boothead. I came out of that tree because I knew my brother would find me and try to reverse the curse. So I hid here until YOU GIRLS FOUND ME! I created this forest to distract him,but he somehow DIDN'T GET DISTRACTED! I mean,WHO DOESN'T GET DISTRACTED?! He went that way." He pointed right.

"What did you curse him to be?" I asked.


If I couldn't get that question answered,maybe I can get my next one.

"Why is your name Foolish Butthead?" I asked.

"That's NOT my name. That's just what it sounds like.GO!" and with that,Foolish Butthead went inside of the tree and we headed right.

As we headed right,we found him standing over a waterfall. I was going to ask where the waterfall came from,but then I remembered: Foolish Butthead probably created that waterfall.

I went up to the outlaw,but then he looked at me. He was so close that I could smell his breath.It smelled like fresh blood.

Fresh blood? Why does it smell like fresh blood?

"What are you?" I asked,not backing away because I wasn't scared,just curious.

"An abomination. I only did what I did to save you and your friend. Nothing more." He answered.

"I'm Elizabeth,and this is Lilliana." I gestured at her.

"We like to gamble even though we are sixteen and gals. I live with my Mom,Dad,and my lil' bro,Kayden.He's only six. I live in Grasscove,over there." I pointed to the village.

"I like gambling,meeting people,helping people,getting revenge on people,and archery. I mostly like doing anything that involves people." I don't know why I was telling him this stuff,but I felt a connection with the mysterious boy. He was interesting and handsome. He was fit,and he had black hair,like Death's robes,red eyes,like the reddest rose,and long claws that seemed that they could tear through sadness and grief,and could bring happiness to all.

What is happening to me?

"What is going on?" I asked.

"You want to know what's going on?" He asked,his red eyes challenging my brown ones.


"Alright. I used to have a good life. My mother and father loved me,and my brother,Foolshish Boothead,didn't. He would torment me constantly and threaten to curse me. He would go:"Thanatos, I'll get youuuu.I'll destroy youuuuuu." My Mother is a wizard,and he inherited her magic. Yes,wizards are real.He would always get in trouble,and every time he got in trouble,he'd try to curse me. One day,there was a party. I got invited,and he didn't. The party was hosted by a friend of his. Well,ex-friend,because she didn't like him anymore because he was rude and controlling. So,she didn't invite him. I tried convincing her to invite him,but she wouldn't budge. He finally snapped. He didn't care about me,so,he turned me into my greatest fear." Thanatos looked at me,fear in his eyes.

"What?" I asked,but before I could answer,the sky turned green and the ground started shaking.

We fell through layers and layers of Earth,until we were in the center of Earth.

I looked around in disbelief.

What happened?

But then I heard Foolish Butthead's laughter and realized that he happened.

"Mwahahaha!I will be the ruler of the universe and everyone will love me! You guys,however,will be forgotten. Well,Thatanos will be remembered. As an outlaw. Well,not just any outlaw." Foolish Butthead looked at him evilly.

"You wouldn't dare!" He yelled.

"Oh,yes I would."

"What are you guys talking about?" I asked,curious.

"I'm going to tell the whole world that he is a vampire." He laughed.

" it true?" I wanted to know.

"Yes,it's true." He hung his head low,like he was ashamed of himself.

"I am an abomination." Thanatos added quietly.

"No,you're not! You seem like a lovely person,and after talking with you, I knew we were meant for each other." I exclaimed,excited.

I don't know what came over me,but I went over and kissed him on the lips.

"Kiss me back if you love me."I whispered.

He did.I felt good,complete.Like what I was waiting all my life finally appeared to me.

I didn't notice Lilliana staring daggers into him,wishing he would just stop controlling me.

We let go of the kiss and ran over to Foolish Butthead,where we fought him and kicked him and punched him.Lilliana and I even used our guns to shoot him.But he was too powerful and used his powers against us.

We were weak and tired.

How are we going to defeat him now?

That's when Thanatos's eyes turned an even darker red and he leaped onto Foolish Butthead.

It was a gruesome sight.Foolish Butthead was being brutally murdered. His eyes fell out of his eye sockets,his brain spilled on the floor and Thanatos was happily licking the blood from him. Like some sort of animal.

Suddenly,I didn't know what was worse.

Foolish Butthead being a Foolish Butthead or Thanatos the vampire eating him like an animal.

I ran away from the scene of blood and gore,taking Lilliana with me.I couldn't stand there and watch it happen and I couldn't leave Lilliana in that horror.

Thanatos laughed evilly and turned into a demon.

Great.Now he's a DEMON VAMPIRE!

We tried to run,but he caught up with us and grabbed us by the necks.

"" I asked between gulps of air.

"HA! You think I was the GOOD GUY?! IDIOT! I'M THE VILLAIN HERE! Foolshish Boothead NEVER EXISTED! I CREATED him! I'm a Demon Vampire with the power to create things! Foolshish Boothead was a distraction! That boy I saved you from? ALSO A DISTRACTION! I distracted you guys from the real problem,ME! I PLAN TO DESTROY EVERYONE IN THE WORLD! Why destroy everyone in the world and not the actual world? SO I CAN MAKE A LIVING HELL! The people I kill will have no choice but to GO TO THE HELL!"

"BUT I LOVED YOU!" I cried. Only I didn't feel love for him. I couldn't understand what was happening? Why do I not love him anymore?

"You think that was real? I can also create the illusion of feelings." He laughed evilly.

"So you just toyed with me and created the illusion of love?" I asked,angry. I can't believe he controlled me like that! I looked over to Lilliana,scared of what he was going to do next.

"You won't get away with this!" Lilliana screamed.

"Oh, I already have." He dropped us from over the edge and we fell to certain death.

As we were falling,I looked straight into Lilliana's eyes. I wanted to know what had happened to me,why he manipulated me to be his lover to get what he wanted.

"Was it real? Did you ever love him,even before he put the spell on you?" She asked,fearing my answer.

I thought about it for a moment.

Did I REALLY love him?

I realized that I had only felt love for Lilliana,no one else. I never loved him for real. In fact,I just saw him as a potential friend before he mind-manipulated me and revealed that he was an evil vampire.

"No, I never loved him for real.Do you love me?" I asked.

"Yes,Elizabeth. I always have and I always will.Till death do us part." Then we held on to each other,not ever looking away.

"Ummm,Lilliana?" I asked.

"What?" She asked me.

"It's really romantic that you said "Till death do us part." But death is coming pretty fast." I pointed to the Earth,where we were about to plummet into lava.

"Oh..." She trailed off,a sick look in her face.I was getting sick too. We held on,not ever letting go.Ireally thought for sure that we were going to die.

But we had a close save.

Just as we were about to fall into lava,the spirit of a little girl saved us. did the spirit of a little girl save us,and why?

My question was answered by the spirit herself.

"My name is Ophelia..." Sheintroduced in a ghostly voice.

"I saved you because I couldn't let you die,not like this. My older brother,Thatanos,threw me over the edge just yesterday. Or was it weeks ago? Decades?,it couldn't have been centuries. Could it?" She started shaking,scared that she couldn't remember when she died.

I shook my head sadly.

"We don't know when you died." Lilliana and I said.

"But why did he throw you over the edge?" I asked.

"He threw me because I wouldn't let him become an all-powerful vampire. He said that if I didn't use my magic powers to make him all powerful,he would have to get rid of me.Permanently. He killed me,made people forget all about me,because unfortunately,he had the power to do so,and called me a weak witch. ME! His SISTER! I tried to protect him,and he killed me..." Ophelia sobbed violently,her cries echoing throughout the cave,sounding like Death being tortured.

We both felt sad for the little girl,because her whole life was being taken from her.Lilliana didn't know what to do,but I did.

"You don't have to talk about how you died,okay? We can all go home and save the world." I said reassuringly.

"What do you mean,save the world? From whom?" Ophelia asked,getting nervous.

"Your brother."


Then she grabbed us and flew up into the sky,towards our exit. The little ghost had so much anger and sadness inside of her that when she saw her brother,she violently kicked and punched him.She did more than kick and punch him:she blasted him with spells.

We thought we should help,so we fought him with our guns and our fists.

For such a powerful vampire,he died so fast and instant it was like he never existed. But,before he died,he gasped:"This..won'"

All three of us stood there,concerned.We didn't know what to make of this day.Forests,ghost girls,and vampires.But,we would get through it all.Together.

"Thank you for saving me." Ophelia gushed.

This time,her voice didn't sound so ghostly.

"We didn't save you.You saved us.So thank you." I answered.

Then Ophelia flew to the heavens,finally at peace.

"Lilliana,we have to let everyone know that Ophelia existed.She can't be forgotten forever."

"Well,I guess this means we get to go on another adventure!" She yelled,delighted.

"Together." I whispered.

"Together." She said back.And then we kissed.

Unlike that kiss with Thanatos,this one was real.

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