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Follow Agathore as he fights the fire nation

Action Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Chapter one

It was nine months since father died since then Agathoretook the throne and is leading the nation Airious took on 22000 men and I took on 27000 men into our armies it was time to take the offensive the ghost nation had built a wall along the boarder of our nation and the phoeinx nation. aqarious had readied his navy and aborse built up an army of 200,000 men arious had disappeared without a trace a few months after father died. me and sisio had been planning our next move he narrowed it down to two places stockland pass and penvern bridge ultimately we decided on stockland pass. just as we picked our location aquarious walked in and pointed to the Ethereal sea and asked," Why dont we attack there." I replied,"the sea is defened by sea spikes ship throwers." He looked at me and said," I'll send my best dregers to clear a path." I nodded and we went our separate ways. I gathered my force of 225,000 men and Sisio his force of 199,000 men. together we went to Stockland 200 miles away. it took us around two and a half days ones there we readied our men expecting an ambush. The pass was only wide enough for us to cross four at a time. We decided that it would be best if my men crossed first most of them were veterans of the previous battles. It was early the next day we started moving men through the pass I was among the first few groups to go. It was around mid morning when we had around 25,000 men through thats when it happened the pass collapsed killing a few men. Then volleys if arrows started coming in settings things on fire and killing men in the 20s. then the arrows stopped and forest nation men started popping up and forming battle lines. I yelled," Form ranks!" We bunched together in rag tag ranks most of us in groups of six or seven. Then they started charging towards us then stopped a few hundred feet away and the arrows coming in again and of the ten or so groups there were their were only four after that. Then the real fight began the charged at us and I yelled," Hold ranks!" there we stood shields locked weapons thirsty for blood. About 50 or so smashed into us with the force of a hurricane but we held. I started slashing and stabbing. Then one man got lucky and cut me in my side I looked around and saw them pulling men out of the formation and killing them. Before long it was down to me and three others when all of a sudden there was a surge of our numbers I looked towards the pass and saw it was open and men were pouring through before lo

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