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Follow Agathorne as he fights the fire nation with his older brother Agathore and and younger brother Airious

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Chapter one

It was 978 my name is Agathorne second son of Delious 6 king of the Elemental nation my older brother Agathor was the first born and next in line to the throne and our younger brother Airious Agathor was 21 I was 19 and Airious was 13 since Agathor

was taking the throne me and Airious trained to join the army as generals both of us were fierce fighters it was the day before Agathores inauguration when he came to me and saidlet’s go for a rideI said yes we headed to the stables my dragon was a black lava dragon there blood is as hot as lava and when they get mad there blood heats up around there upper chest and face he was at least 97 feet long with fangs 6 inches long talons that could pierce the thickest armor he can shoot out lava accurately at 50 yards he is six years old I raised him from an egg his name was night stalker Agathores dragon was a green fire dragon fire dragons have three lungs the extra lung is there fire lung to breathe fire they have to close there lungs and open there fire lung witch they can do from the time there hatchlings it means they can only shoot fire for a few minutes tops before they have to breathe and he was at least 150 feet long his fangs were 6 inches long and fire dragon talons are not the strongest or the sharpest but they can heat up there talons to melt the best of armor he can shoot a line of fire 70 yards long his name was emerald we got up into the sky and we where flying through the sapphire blue skies and the rich green forest rich with game for hunting and dragon hatchlings when we saw a smoke stack coming from a fishing village we looked at each other and decided to check it out we flew in and looked the village was burning I dismounted and walked in and saw a member of the garrison Agathore asked himwhat happenedhis reply wasf-f-f fire nationin a faded voice then he fell over dead I looked at Agathore and said in a questioning voicefire nationthen he saidlet’s go back and tell fatherI saidyes so we ran back to our dragons and hurried home and ran to father we found him in the study I said in a hastened voicefather we have something to tell youhe looked at me and saidAgathorne whatever it is it can wait til your brother chooses his dragonAgathore saidfather it’s urgenthe saidok what is itI saidfather the fire nation attacked a fishing villagehe looked with a shocked expression on his face and saidthe fire nation are you sureAgathore saidyesthen father saidthe last time we had a war with the fire nation was your great great great great great grandfather and that was when this nation was founded over 300 years agothen Airious came running in and said with excitementI chose a water dragon he can shoot a beam of hot burning water it can tear the armor off any man his name is aquathen father saidI’ll call a nation meeting at the water nation for the next fortnight so pack your things and meet me at the water nation and we went our separate ways to pack our things

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