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You’ve read the story,now it’s time for the origins! Each tale,though short,tells of a different story.Each tale tells of a different person. Which one will you connect to?

Fantaisie Épique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Veronica’s story

There was a thirteen year old girl named Veronica.Veronica lived in a beautiful victorian style mansion.Her family had their own private property that they owned,they named it:"Shimmering Lake." They were richer than anything,so Veronica should have been happy,right?

Wrong! Veronica felt like there was something missing from her life.Even though she was thirteen now,she never truly stopped believing in magic and fairies.Every single time when she'd talk to other kids her age,they'd make fun of her and call her a child.She told her parents,but they were no help.They told her to ignore them and she did,but they never stopped bullying her.

Veronica may have not had any friends,but she was fine.She had her books and the family garden.Who needed friends when you had those things?

One day,in her room,she saw lights flashing outside her window.

The lights shifted and turned into...

Tiny humans with wings.Fairies.

Veronica was delighted.Fairies were real!

A red haired fairy with a purple dress and flower crown went up to Veronica and introduced herself as Calypso,the Queen of fairies.

Apparently,the fairies lived in her property since the beginning of time,before it was even HER property.

They started to tell Veronica stories and show her their powers.It was so wonderful.They cared about her!

From that day on,the fairies kept on visiting her,performing for her and making her happy.They were Veronica's friends and her secret.

One day,however,Veronica asked her fairy friends if she could have their powers and be like them.They said no and that it was too much for her.

Veronica was confused.How could powers be too much for her?

She heard of the fairies having a fairy spell book and she found that book in her attic.

Veronica read it.Apparently,there was a way for her to get magical powers.She just had to utter a spell.

Veronica uttered the spell.

Everything went black.....


The next thing she knew,Veronica was standing over her parents' dead bodies.

"What?! What happened?!" Veronica panicked.

Fairies appeared in front of her.Calypso wasn't there,for some reason.

One fairy said:"You uttered an ancient and evil spell that turned you into a sorceress,mind controlled you and had you kill your parents."

Another said "We visited you to make you happy.We didn't ask for this."

"But I just wanted to be cool and amazing like you!" Veronica cried.

"It was a mistake associating with a human." The fairies said.

Veronica was beyond frustrated and sad.She just wanted their powers! She wanted to live in harmony with them!

But apparently she couldn't have the infinite happiness the fairies had.

Veronica started crying,crying,and crying.She couldn’t stop even if she wanted to.The tears and heaving of her chest was inevitable and never-ending.A hell which would last eternally.

When she woke up,she was dead.

"Oh great! I cried myself to death!" Veronica wailed.

But all was not lost,for she still had her powers.

That day,Veronica made a vow to wait for new people to come and visit her house,so she could test her powers on them.She didn't care if it would be painful for them or not.

She went through all this pain,so why should she spare others from it?

Characters in Gacha Club:

(There will be six pictures.The last three will show Veronica and her parents as how they look in the afterlife.They will contain blood from their deaths.)

Veronica (alive):

Veronica's Mom (alive):

Veronica's Dad (alive):

Veronica (Demon form) (She is a demon from guilt) (Her ghost form looks exactly like how she did when she was alive.This form only comes out sometimes):

Veronica's Mom (now):

Veronica's Dad (now):

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