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You’ve read the horrors of Eloise,now it’s time to read the grisly origins! From murder to lost,these stories are sure to give you chills down your spines! The origins of the Eloise crew!

Paranormal Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Eloise’s story

Inthe 1960s,there were five witch sisters:

The first sister-Lyra

The second sister-Emily

The third sister-Eloise

The fourth sister-Ariana

The fifth sister-Sarah

The five sisters worked in a family boutique.They worked there ever since they could talk.It was their whole life,their dream job.

Or so everyone thought.

When they grew up and became adults,their parents died of old age.They left a will for them.It said:

Dear Children,

We would like to say that if the boutique is successful,you may pursue your own dreams.Now,for the gifts.

We leave to Lyra-A quarter of the family fortune.We know you can do something amazing with that money.

We leave to Emily-Our journals and the journals of family members who came before us.We trust you to protect our family history.

We leave to Eloise-The boutique.You may do whatever you want to it.

We leave to Ariana-The family heirlooms.We trust that you can protect them and pass them on.

We leave to Sarah-Our family jewels.We know you can keep them pristine.

Everyone gets a quarter of our family fortune.Lyra just gets an extra quarter of it.

If anyone argues about their gifts or trades them,we will be watching you from above and will be very disappointed in you.

So,without further argument,the sisters accepted the gifts their parents left for them in death.

We’re only going to focus on Eloise.

Eloise didn’t want to change the boutique.She loved it just the way it was.The only thing she changed was the name.It went from:”The Blake’s boutique “ to “Eloise’s boutique.”

She made beautiful clothes there and was pleased with how it turned out.She loved that the customers would come and admire her work.

One day,a young man walked into the shop,holding the hand of a little girl.

Eloise walked up to them and introduced herself.

“This is beautiful.I’m looking for some sweaters for my daughter.” He said.

“Right this way,sir.” Eloise said.

She showed them the sweaters and to her delight,the daughter loved them as well.

They paid for them.

But that wasn’t the last she saw of the man and his child.They kept coming for clothes.She was fond of the little girl.Her name was Leona.

As time passed on and the girl grew,so did Eloise.

Eloise loved her job,but she hated the children there.

Every time she finished working on something,a child would come and RUIN it.

All her hard work,gone,destroyed!

The mothers would say:”Oh,they didn’t mean to do it.They’re children,you know.I’ll tell them to stop.”

But Eloise was tired of that excuse.The only child (now young woman) she’s ever loved was Leona.Leona,who called her Mom and told her the most wonderful stories.

Leona,who never ruined her clothes.Not even when she was little.

She was a respectful child,now,a respectful woman.

It was a cold day and a mother and her son rushed into the boutique.She was looking for warm clothes for her “little baby.” The nickname made Eloise want to vomit.

The boy stuck his hands in his nose.He looked like he was only six years old.

He touched the clothes on the display with his snot.

“Uh,Ma’am?” Eloise asked.

“Yes?” The mother asked.

“Please control your child.I worked so hard making these clothes and your son just touched one of them with his snot.” Eloise said,trying her best to be patient.

The Mom’s face darkened.

“How dare you accuse my son of this! Eddie,do you ruin her clothes?” She asked sweetly.

Eddie put on fake tears.Eloise gritted her teeth.She could tell when tears where real or fake.She knew the difference.

“No,it was already there!” The child wailed.

“See,he’s telling the truth!” The Mom yelled.

“Clearly he’s not.Look.” Eloise said,pointing to the mannequin.

But the Mom glared at her and walked away with her child.Eddie stuck his tongue at her.

Having to deal with that can drive a person crazy.Especially Eloise,who worked tirelessly for her shop,only to have her work messed up by a bunch of brats.

The same mother and child came back.This time,the boy was dumb enough to leave his mother and run into Eloise.

Eloise had enough.

She clamped a hand shut over the child’s mouth,picked the child up and then carried him to the backroom,where she put tape on the child’s mouth and nailed the child to a wall.

The boy was frightened for his life.Eloise smiled.

“Now,this won’t hurt a bit.” Eloise said,grabbing the scissors she used to make clothes.They were thick and sharp.They could cut through skin.

They were perfect.

Eloise laughed darkly.

“Who am I kidding? This is going to be the worst pain you’ve ever felt!” She yelled.

Without further ado,she sliced his skin with the scissors.Eddie tried to scream,but he couldn’t,because the tape was in his mouth.Blood splattered the walls and the floor.

Eloise realized that even though the child had no skin,he was still alive.

So,she stabbed his heart with the scissors.

Eloise licked the blood from the scissors and her hands.

Then,she took the skin of Eddie and began sewing.

When she was done,there was a beautiful “leather” dress.

Eloise cleaned herself up,cleaned the blood,threw Eddie’s remains in the trash and then took the dress out.

“Look at this beautiful dress I found.It’s a new type of leather,exclusively sold here!” Eloise said.

The mother stared at it.

“How much?” The mother asked.

She gave her the price.

“I’ll buy it! If it’s in a new material,I’m getting it!” The woman yelled.

“By the way,have you seen Eddie?” The Mom asked.

Eloise shrugged.

“He could be anywhere,you know.Who knows with children?” Eloise asked.

The woman just glared at her and bought the dress.Then,she left the store and made phone calls.Probably to the police about her missing child.Eloise didn’t care.

That wasn’t the end of murder for Eloise.Now,she went on killing sprees,selling clothes made out of the skin of children.Not just little children.Toddlers,babies,teens,adolescents,anyone who wasn’t an adult.Eloise could have used her witch powers,but then,it wouldn’t be as enjoyable.Easy,yes.Fun,no.

But one can’t keep a secret for too long.

When Eloise was killing someone in the backroom,her sisters and Leona decided to walk in.

Even though she and her sisters led separate lives,they still visited and helped her out,so she considered them her workers.

They never knew that she killed until now.

“W-What is this?” Sarah asked.Eloise rolled her eyes.She was too soft for her own good.

It was no use hiding it.They were seeing her with a dead body.Might as well tell them.

“It’s a dead body,obviously.” Eloise said.

They looked around the room and put two and two together.

“Is that what this “new material” is? Skin?” Lyra asked,holding up a dress.

“Well,yes.Now that you know too much,I have to kill you all.” Eloise said,raising a knife.

“Not a chance!” Her sisters yelled.

“NO!” Leona screamed.

“Are you deaf?! She’s a killer! She said she’s going to kill us all! That means you too,Leona.” Emily snapped.

“I don’t care! She has always cared about me and loved me! I’d rather die than have you guys kill her.” Leona said.

“You act like a child.” Ariana said.

“Don’t call her that.” Eloise said.She would not let her sisters bully Leona.She didn’t want to kill Leona,but she had to.

Before she could do anything,her sisters used their powers and pushed a shelf of books on her.

She couldn’t do anything.She couldn’t even use her powers.

Eloise lay on the floor,dying.She could hear Leona cry and her sisters walking away.

When she woke up,she realized she was a ghost.She found an six foot tall blond mannequin in a black dress and flew towards it.She’d possess the mannequin.

Eloise may have died,but she wasn’tdead.

Characters in Gach Club:

Eloise (young adult,when she first opened the boutique):

Eloise (older,before she died):

Eloise (demon form,now):

Eloise (The mannequin she possesses):

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