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Just in time

Right after my dad passed away I went into a depression. I hated myself all I kept thinking was how I was supposed to had been there. We had his showing I wasn't ready for that. Soon as I walked in I lost it I started screaming that wasn't my dad laying there. My dad was supposed to be home texting me. So after that I would post quotes on Facebook about wanting to die. Then one night I got a message from this guy. He asked if I was going to be ok. Then every night he would send me a message just making sure I was ok. He understood what I was going through cause he lost his father too. We started off as friends his kind words helped me in my darkest time. I had invited him over for dinner, nothing special just pizza and a movie. He even got to meet my emotional support animal Luna Fae. She found herself a friend. Well, he stayed the night with me. He held me in his arms as I cried. At that moment everything was perfect. We been together every since then.

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Traci Lambert I'm nothing special I'm just me and I will never give up.

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