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Just a boy who is dealing with all the random shits every teenage faces.bur swimming and books were his escape from reality. when a girl made her entry towards his heart... And a girl who just hated people and had a short temper.. but he made her feel so different.. See how he fixed her and she fixed him..

Fiction adolescente Tout public.

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Author's note/ prologue

hello everyone! so basically..

i am new here i haven't written any stories before.. it's just a try.. i hope i will be able to make everyone satisfied..

i am here with a story which i had for a long time in my head...

so let's see what happens..———————————————

here is a little prologue and introduction to the characters...


Ryle Blake..18 year old highschool student tired living his shitty life with his grandmother.. only finds peace with books.. reading is his only happy place..

He is the best swimmer in their town trying to pursue it as a career also but chemistry was never really his thing and he hated highschool he just wanted to get graduated..

Tired and always exhausted mentally and physically.. he decided to check this new library out his grandma told him about.. he was more ecstatic to see new library and books..

He was a big bookworm.. hidden from highschool dramas, girls,bullies, he was a listener a man with. Few words..

Books were his life .. swimming classes and school after this only books..

Ivel Lewin a 17 year old just shifted to new town with her other mom .. her real mom died when she was only 9 .. but her other mom loved her so much ..

She was a girl with fierce attitude.. but she was never really a fan of highschool.. she just wanted to sprawled on her bed and stick herself with loads of books.

An oval shaped face, with short grunge dyed pink hair.. and some hot specs .. she was not a fan of jocks and playboys...

Here wanted to do something beside highschool and handling shitty kids she decided to become a part time librarian.. just to engross herself in something..

She got a shift of 7 to 10 in night.. feeling happy she got a glimpse of a certain handsome classmate and hot swimmer of her new school everyone talks about..

She noticed he always comes in the library when it was her time of shift passing her a beautiful glance and his beautiful smile..

Will she be able to deny it ?.. or the love will blossom with the pages of fantasy and perfect worlds of different types

let's meet them and see yourself..

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