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Sixteen year old Hayley Blackrose and her family move to an old house next to “Shimmering Lake.” It’s said that fairies live there. When the Calypso,the Queen of fairies,comes in contact with Hayley,a forbidden love is formed. Not to mention the vengeful ghost haunting the house..

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Chapter One

Hello,my name is Hayley Blackrose and this is my story.

It all started last year,at Spring.I was sixteen at the time sitting in my room,listening to music on my phone while reading a book.I was pretty content with my life.Until this happened-


I took my headphones off and looked at my door.Something slammed my door off its hinges,I frowned at the monster responsible for it.

The monster was thirteen years old,smelled like stinky socks,thought it knew everything and annoyed the heck out of me.

This monster,this creature,this demon from Hell...

...was my little brother,Ryan.

"Ryan,there are doors for a reason.To block out annoying pests like you." I said shortly.

Ryan frowned at me.

"That's why I'm here! To break down doors! Also, I came to tell you THAT WE ARE MOVING AWAY!!!!" He screamed.

"What?" I asked sharply.I didn't want to move!

"What's going on?" My parents asked.They walked over the fallen door and put hands to their mouths.

"Ryan,don't tell us that you karate kicked her door! We told you not to do that!" They yelled.

He rolled his eyes.

"Sorry! I'm just so excited that we're moving out!" He yelled.

"Don't say sorry to us,apologize to Hayley." They said.

"Sorry,Hayley." He said,looking down.

Even though he was annoying,he was my little brother and I loved him.(He didn't know how much and I would like to keep it that way.)

I hugged him.

"It's fine." I said.Besides,he looked pitiful like that.

"Now,what's this about moving out?" I asked.

Mom put a hand to her head.

Dad spoke up.

"Actually,we're not moving out! We found a summer home to rent! We're staying there for two weeks and moving in tomorrow!" Dad yelled.

"And where,exactly,are we going to?" I asked him.

"We're going to Shimmering Lake." My Dad said.

Shimmering Lake! I heard of that place..

Then I remembered!

"Dad,legend has it that fairies live there! Are you sure we should be going there?" I asked him.

He nodded.

"It'll be fine! Besides,fairies don't exist,you know that! Now,let's go downstairs and watch a family movie,there's nothing to worry about." He said.

Mom nodded and took Ryan with her downstairs.Dad followed.

But I wasn't so sure if fairies didn't exist...

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