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,,I wish I could tell him that I love him." Horatio gets kidnapp in frount of his Co worker Ryan who he loved for years now. Can he be saved and will Ryan love him back?

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The beginning

It was a normal day in Miami. The sun was shining and everybody was happy. Eventually not everybody because in this moment a woman cried of pain. „Wake up Henry, please, we will die if we didn´t get out of the house,“ she screamed to her husband. It was to late. The house burned down completly.

A few minutes later a red hair man entered the crime scene. He wears sunglasses and he watched around to see what was going on and eventually to find out what has happend to the building and to the victims. „Alexx what do you have for me,“ he asked the kneeling woman with dark brown hair. Alexx Woods was the pathologist of the Crime Lab. ,,Their both died because of the fire. They have burns everywhere on their bodies. I can say more when the autopsy has finished, Horatio,” she told the Lieutenant. He nodded and went of to Sergeant Frank Tripp. He works not for the CSI but he is also a family member for the team of Horatio. Frank and he are like brothers. ,, Frank what do you have for me?,” Horatio ask. ,, Nobody in the neighborhood saw something, they only hear the sirens when the fire Department came,” he told Horatio and the red haired man left to see what his team got. Eric Delko his best friend and brother in law was taking fingerprints from a piece of broken glass. Calleigh Ducain, Erics girlfriend and the longest member of the team was looking for clues whether there was a break-in, even if it was made more difficult by the rubble. Suddenly a piece of the rubble broke away and she stumbled, but Eric caught her and said, "May I help you?”. She smiled and thanked him with a quick kiss. ,, Hey Lovebirds, could you please help me with this rubble?”, said a voice behind Horatio and he turned around. Ryan Wolfe the love of his life was standing behind him surrounded by rubble. Horatio blushed when he saw Ryan bend down and continue clearing the wreckage to dig for evidence. But as soon as he noticed it he was emotionless again. Eric and Calleigh went over to help their friend. They found fingerprints on a shape of glass. They also found some fasers from a garment. ,,Hey H! I am taking the proofs to the Labor,” Ryan said to Horatio, went to the Hummer with Eric, and drove to the CSI Labor.

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