S. Bump

A girl in the city of Santon (A made up city) has to move to Verdansk after the prices in her hometown become too high and the living conditions are slowly going down, turning the city into a small less liveable tourist destination for the effects of global warming and what happens when burning lots of fossil fuels and thd impact on the air quality.

Aventure Tout public.

#sad #Adventure #friends #happy #moving #letgoofthepast #learnnewthings
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Fun and Friends, Or kinda.

"C'mom Mom! I can't be late for school again!"

"I'm going as fast as I can sweetie!" the mom replied.

"Water? Check. Books? Check. Binder? Check. Lunch? Check." Okay Mom! I've got everything! Now hurry up!"

"I'm coming sweetie! Wait up!" "You're such a slowpoke mom! I'm already in the car!"

--- School ---

"Hey Jasmine!"

"Hey Luisa! Did you do anything cool on the weekend?"

"Well if you consider sitting around all day on the couch playing video games and eating random snacks to be cool, then I guess so...?"

"Well I guess I would consider that cool because that's all I ever do on the weekends when we have nothing planned." Replied Jasmine in a witty way.

--- The bell rings for class and they both go to room 15, their dreaded math class. ---

"Hello class! Today were gonna be working on measurements of pi again!"

"Seriously? Again?" everybody in the class thought.

"So the first thing we will be learning about using pi to measure the blah blah blah blah......"

"C—an we learn something else for once?" James yelled.

"Oh so that's how you wanna play this?" the teacher replied. "How about everyone else learns about pi while I keep you in class for extra time?"

"Sounds great." replied James.

"Anyways class!" Flip to page 145 in your textbooks and work on the worksheets after I explain what to do in them."

"The first problem is to figure out what the circumfrance of the circle is, so the first step is to take pi and blah blah blah......."

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