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Welcome, I’m Seonji, Lee Seonji to be precise. This is my story, of how I became apart of the most popular K-pop group Stray Kids. Not only will you see the positive side of reaching my dreams, but also the baddest decisions I’ve ever made….

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“Mom just stop!!” “Who are you to tell me what to do?!” She went towards me and harshly grabbed my arms. “You did this didn’t you?!” I shook my head, “I didn’t! I swear!” She pushed me to the floor. “Why can’t you be like your brother?!” “Because I’m a different person!!” “Don’t talk back to her!”

I slowly stood up hearing them continue yelling at me. “I’m innocent! Please understand!” *slap* I was shocked, and held my cheek. I looked at my mom. Tearing up, “y-you didn’t have to slap me! I could’ve just left.” “Seonji I don’t care!” I simply pushed them away and left the house.

I had practice anyways….. I arrived at the studio, I was lucky enough to pass the auditions, both auditions to be exact. Ice skating and to possibly be a producer. Well it originally was like that, but I’m too talented for them. They moved me to the place where people auditioned to become an idol.

My brother was there but literally couldn’t care less about me. I arrived at the studio, and entered. “Huh, you came what a surprise.” I looked at my brother, “just leave me alone for once.” “Just end it, nobody cares for you.” “I didn’t ask for your stupid opinion!”

I walked away and entered the room filled with other people. I stood in the corner, I was always by myself, people never really talked to me. An adult entered, “alright, everyone, I’m pleased to announce that a trainee of mine will be choosing 8 other trainees to form a group.” Everyone got excited, “please welcome Christopher Bang.” Everyone applauded, and a boy entered. “Hi everyone I’m Christopher Bang, but you can call me Chris.”

We nodded, “alright if I say your name please stay afterwards.” He looked at the paper, and cleared his throat, “Lee Minho, Seo Changbin, Hwang Hyunjin, Kim Seungmin, Yang Jeongin.” He switched papers, “Han Jisung, Lee Felix and Lee Seonji. If I didn’t call your name, I wish you all the best of luck.”

Everyone left, except us. We all looked at each other, oh great I’m the only girl in this group, and I think I’m the only omega as well. “Come on.” We all huddled around him, “ok, so we have three people with the surname Lee. Are any of you siblings?” “Seonji and I are siblings.” “Oh really, that’s nice.” “I’m an only child.”

“I have an older brother and a younger brother.” “Same.” “Ok, I’m guessing you two are foreigners?” I nodded, “Australia.” “Oh! I’m also from there.” “Cool.” Like always Felix always took the spotlight, “alright, so I chose you guys because you all showed perfect talent. I’m sure we’ll debut if we do our best.” The guys agreed, “ok, first let’s find out who’s the youngest here.”

We said our ages, “alright it seems like Seonji is the youngest, and I’m the oldest. So the order is, me, Minho, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, I.N and Seonji.” Great I’m the youngest here as well. “Hey, why are you wearing a hoodie? It’s like 90 degrees outside.” They all looked at me, “I like hoodies.” That was all I said, we basically took the day to bond. “Bond” because I never spoke, only a few times to answer a few questions, but mostly was pushed aside by Felix.

He shoved me once more, and I’ve had enough. “Can you stop?” He rolled his eyes and ignored me. “So, your relationship between you two.” I looked at Chris, and Felix tried linking arms with me but I moved away. “Don’t touch me.” “It’s concerning.” “Mind your business- Felix stop!” He stopped and looked at me, “or what?”

“Woah, isn’t this getting violent?” “I have to go.” “Felix you’re not going with her?” He shook his head, “she’s old enough to walk by herself.” “She’s a omega, an unclaimed one. It’s dangerous for her to walk alone.” “It’s fine, this isn’t my first time anyways.” They were shocked, “ok….we meet here tomorrow at 10 am.” I nodded, and with that left.

Now, what am I going to tell the others? I went to the warehouse, and entered quietly. “Seonji? You’re here early, how’d it go?” I looked at Seonghwa, “I got put in a group.” “Really?! That’s great!” “With him.” “Oh, that’s not great…” “Seonghwa, I don’t understand what I did for everyone to hate me.” “You’re parents are just stressed, I’m sure it’ll get better soon.”

“You’ve been saying that for the past 2 years….I’m tired of waiting.” He patted my bag, “patience is the key.” “What will I tell the members?” He thought for a minute, “let’s just tell them, and if they don’t want too, I’ll help out. Ok?” I nodded, and we went to the main room. Everyone was there, “hey Seonji.” “Hey… I have news.” “What is it?” “She got put in a group!” They all fell silent, “you’re going to be an idol?” “You really think people will like you? You’re not even pretty.” “San, stop saying that.”

“He’s saying the truth.” “I’m still going to do it though…” “you won’t, because I won’t let you.” “Hongjoong come on, you won’t even let me do ice skating!” “Don’t you raise your voice at me! The answer is no.” I frowned, “hold on, I don’t get why I’m asking permission from you. You’re not even my parents.” “But I’m your leader.” “No, you’re not.” “I’m doing it.” “Do it, and I’ll kill Felix.” “Do it, it’s not like I cared for him anyways.”

He went silent, “let’s leave and let him cool off.” We went out, he wore a mask and a cap. “Look, I have a plan…..” “what is it?” “We fake your death.” “You really want me to take my death?” “You’re parents are going to fake their death as well, they’re going to disappear from the radar.” “I really don’t want to do that….”

“It’s for your dream…alright?” “Ok.” “Just promise, you won’t forget about me, and contact me when you can.” “I promise I won’t….”

That, because of him, I managed to be on the group. Now we’re starting the survival show, and aside from my parents I have to survive Felix as well.

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